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  Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Spa Info & Tips Center
Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Spa Information, Articles, Tips & How-To's

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Spa How-To Articles

PoolAndSpa.com Search

 Hot Tub Information Articles

 Pool Information Articles
E-Z Spa Water Chemistry - Instructions 
Eco One Info and Instructions 
Foam Problems ?
Locate a Spa Professional in your area
Planning to Buy a Hot Tub Spa ?
Spa Buyer's Guide & Manufacturer's Links
What stuff do I need for my Hot Tub ?
What is the Hamilton Index ? 
What is a High Density Spa Filter ?
What is Hot Tub Pseudomonas ?
E-Z Pool Water Chemistry - Instructions
Advanced Pool Chemistry
How to Clear Up a Green Pool
How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Swimming Pool ?
What Is The Square Footage Of My Swimming Pool ?
How do they build an Inground pool ?
Locate a Pool Professional in your area.
Planning to Buy a Pool ?
Pool Water Chemistry - FAQ's 
Pool Water - Troubleshooting Guide
Pool Chemical Glossary
Pool Chemistry and Operation
Pool Water Chemistry & Maintenance

 Hot Tub Product Articles

 Pool Buyer / Design Articles
How to use Spa Shock
Scumball Alert !
Spa Scents & Aromatherapy
Spa Vacuums Gain Popularity
Spray Away is Best Spa Cleaner
Thermal Blankets Save You Money !  
What is a Winter Spa Cover ?
Swimming Pool Buyers Guide & Manufacturer's Links
How do they build an Inground pool ?
Landscaping Around Your Pool or Spa
Locate a Pool Professional in your area.   
More Pool and Spa Planning Info
Planning to Buy a Pool ?
Pool and Spa Lighting 
Pool Design & Construction Details
Primer on Pool/Spa Styles
How to Add a Waterfall to Your Pool or Yard

 Hot Tub Alternative Sanitizers

 Pool Maintenance Articles
Are you ready to give up chlorine and bromine?
Eco One - It’s a miracle!    
Eco One Info and Instructions  
Ozonator Chemical Instructions
Ozonator Facts
Ozonator Installation Instructions
What is Nature2 ?
What is Non-Chlorine Spa Shock ?
Covering your Pool - Various Methods
Daily Pool Operation - Instructions
How to Clean your Swimming Pool 
How to Clear Up a Green Pool 
How to Close (Winterize) your Pool
How to Open (Summerize) your Pool  
Winter Pool Care Tips & Instructions
Pool Water Volume/Quantity - Charts
Are you ready to give up chlorine and bromine?
Weekly Pool Maintenance - Instructions
Detailed Discussion about Water Filtration

 Hot Tub Buyer Articles

 General Pool Articles
Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Guide & Manufacturer's Links
Locate a Spa Professional in your area. 
Planning to Buy a Hot Tub Spa ?
How do they build a spa ?
Spa Manufacturer Comparison Chart
Spa shopping information
The Quest for Reliable Spa Ratings
What stuff do I need for my Hot Tub ?
Ask the Pool Guy a Question
Commercial Pool Guidelines & Information
Diving Boards, Slides, Ladders and Rails  
Pool Equipment Safety Tips - Detailed
Pool Safety Tips - General
Safety Equipment

 Hot Tub Owner Articles

 Pool Heating Articles
10 Great Hot Tub Filter Tips
What is a High Density Spa Filter ?
Books about Hot Tub Spas
Hot Tub Cover Care
Hot Tub Maintenance
How to Close (Winterize) your Spa
How to Open (Summerize) your Spa
Tips for Using Your Hot Tub
Winter Hot Tub Use

Facts about Pool Heating   
Pool Heater Owner's Information
The Basics of Pool and Spa Heaters

 Hot Tub Repair Articles

 Pool Repair Articles
Basic Spa Electricity
Equipment Pack Troubleshooting
The Basics Of Spa Packs
The Basics Of Pump Motor Repairs
Heater Troubleshooting Guide  
Ozonator Installation Instructions
Spa Pump Troubleshooting
The Basics of Spa Electronic Repairs
What should I do if my Spa leaks ?
Click Here For Product Manuals From Many Spa Manufacturers
Go to the Hot Tub Spa Parts Department
How to Backwash a DE Filter 
How to Backwash a Sand Pool Filter
The Basics of Pool Filters
The Basics of Pumps & Motors   
The Basics Of Pump Motor Repairs
The Basics of Swimming Pool Pumps
Detailed Discussion about Water Filtration
Pool/Spa Equipment Trouble Shooting
The Basics Of Pump Motor Repairs
Swimming Pool Problems FAQ
Special Pool Repair Procedures
The Basics of Pool Electricity
The Basics of Pool Plumbing Systems
Time Clocks and Remotes
Water Loss Problems 
Click Here For Product Manuals From Many Pool Manufacturers
Go to the Pool Parts Department

 News Archives - 2009

 News Archives - 2010 - 2011
Read This Month's Online Newsletter - Current Edition
Poolandspa.com Receives 2009 Best Of Las Vegas Achievement Award
Poolandspa.com Gains "Recommended Rating" From The Online Business Bureau
Poolandspa.com Joins International Hot Tub Association
Pool Manufacturer Defrauded Of Millions
Viking Pools Donates Pool To Camp Heartland
Some Bright Spots In The Economy For Pools & Spas
Green Pools Sprout From Foreclosures
Association Of Pool & Spa Professionals Drops Hot Tub Promotion Initiative Due To Economy
It May Be Time For Home Builders To Get Back In The Game
Existing Home Sales Rise In May 2009
May 2009 Incomes Surge, But Savings Outpace Spending
A Fun, Short History Of The Hot Tub Industry
Long Island Pool Company Goes Green
Duck Show Web Site - Strange But True
Innovative NY Company "Takin It To The Streets"
New Law Keeps Swimmers High & Dry
What Is The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act And Why You Should Care
Coleman Spas To Be Manufactured by LMS Inc., Corporate Parent Of Cal Spas
How Do Consumers Shop Online ?
Police Re-Open Rolling Stone's Drowning Case
Local Pools May Be Hazardous To Your Health
Water Jet Technology Can Cut Glass & Metal

Read This Month's Online Newsletter - Current Edition
Michael Phelps To Appear At Pool & Spa Expo In Las Vegas
Jersey Shore Season 2 Uses Leisure Bay Spas
Manslaughter Trial Set For Pool Builder
Thinking About Buying A New Pool or Spa?
Pool & Spa Photo Pages All New For 2010
The Great Depression Of 2010
Vita Spas Are Back !
Coast Spas Takes Quality To A New Level
Leslie's Pool Stores Placed Up For Sale
Welcome Our New Advertisers
Hot Tub Movie Brings Attention To Spa Industry
See Poolandspa.com's New Warehouses
Visit The New Info & Tips Section Of Poolandspa.com
Cody, The Official Mascot Of Poolandspa.com, Appears in the Feb. 2010 Edition Of Ride PWC Magazine

Poolandspa.com Donates To Haitian Relief Fund
Poolandspa.com Sponsors Henderson Federals Youth Football Team
Poolandspa.com Sponsors Par-4-The-Kids Program
Poolandspa.com Sponsors Kids & Sports FAST Program
Poolandspa.com & NBC TV Sponsor Pool Safety Campaign
Poolandspa.com Donates To Art Center
Poolandspa.com Sponsors World Series Of Poker Player
Poolandspa.com Donates To Arthur Kaye Memorial Scholarship Fund

Poolandspa.com Announces 2011 Best Of Class Awards

 News Archives - 2000-2008

 News Archives - 1990-1999
Read This Month's Online Newsletter - Current Edition
New Poll Numbers Are Out For Pools & Spas
Funny Pool Photos Of The Month
Hot Tub Sales Creep Up
Poolandspa.com Introduces Worldwide Shipping
Daily Visitors Set New Record At Poolandspa.com
World's Largest Pool Video
Poolandspa.com Donates Bug Zappers To The Troops
Pool Builder Charged In Entrapment Death
PoolandspaGREEN Eco Friendly Site Open For Business
PoolandspaPET Site Open For Business
Poolandspa.com Updates Web Site
Poolandspa.com Announces 2008 Best Of Class Awards
Poolandspa.com Acquires Poolandspa.TV
Poolandspa.com & NBC TV Sponsor Pool Safety Campaign
A Dog's Life - The Story of Moose
Meet Cody, The New Mascot of PoolandspaPET.com
Moose “The Hot Tub Dog” Dies at age 11
Mystery Appearance in Hot Tub 
O.J. Simpson arrested in Vegas Robbery
Press Releases & Company Articles
Poolandspa.com Finishes Year-Long Relocation To Vegas
Poolandspa.com Moves to New Facility
Poolandspa.com Wins the 2000 Aqua 100 Award
Poolandspa.com Inducted into the Aqua Hall of Fame
Relieve Headaches with your Spa !
Scumball Alert !
The Pool Guy's View on the 09-11 Tragedy 
The Spa Guy Answers Questions - 1
The Spa Guy Answers Questions - 2
The Spa Guy Answers Questions - 3
The Spa Guy Answers Questions - 4
UFO Over Las Vegas ?
Up-Close & Personal Interview with Dan Harrison
Weird Uses for Hot Tubs

Read This Month's Online Newsletter - Current Edition
Avoid the "8 Weeks of Hell" !
Bill Clinton Gets a Spa 
Bill Clinton's Spa-Gate Controversy 
Features on our Web Site from 1998
Hello America !
Hot Tub is Preferred Term
Letters from our Customers
Long Island Hot Tubs 17th Anniversary
Mighty Mail
My Spa is Broken!
News About Our Web Site from 1997
O.J. Simpson's Jacuzzi 
Poolandspa.com on TV!
Poolandspa.com Announces New Lower Prices
Poolandspa.com Wins the 1999 Aqua 100 Award
Poolandspa.com Hot Tubs Wins Aqua 100 Award
Poolandspa.com Wins the NSPI Consumer Award
Poolandspa.com Wins Major Awards
Shop at Home - Avoid The Crowds
Striking It Rich.com Book is Here !
Spa Equipment Packs Are A Big Hit
Summer vs. Winter Spa Use
The Spa Guy on the Clinton White House Spa 
The Wrath of the Winter o' 96
UPS Strike of 1997 Affected Spa Industry
Who Owns Hot Tubs ?

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