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HD Filters Provide Brilliant High Definition Clarity for
Your Hot Tub Water !


What is a High Density Spa Cartridge Filter?

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Please note: There is only one size of this type of filter made. The measurements are:
13-5/16" Tall - 4-15/16" Diameter - 2-1/8" Top Hole - 2-1/8" Bottom Hole


You have to check out these High Density Spa Cartridge Filters. They replace your old pleated-type spa filter with a brand new High Density material that improves water clarity significantly.  No more messy filter cleaning is needed with these HD Filters.  You simply use them for a few months and then toss them away - throwing out all the dirt, debris, oils and contaminants filtered from your hot tub water.

The Basics of Filtration
There are 3 things to filter out of the water; Solids, Liquids and Semi-Solids.

Solids - Solid contaminants are particulates that have a rigid shape and a constant volume. Solid contaminants are the least likely to be of a uniform size or shape. In a spa the solid contaminants are sand and hair as well as larger items such as leaves and twigs.

Liquids - Liquids flow readily. They do not have a stable shape but have a constant volume. In a hot tub or pool the liquid contaminants are generally body oils or artificial oils (such as Suntan oil). Foams are liquid based and have been mixed with air. These can include make up, deodorants, shampoo, and soap residue (possibly laundry detergents). The average person sweats three pints per hour in a Hot Tub.

Semi-Solids - Semi-Solids are solids that are able to bend or break into smaller parts. They flex when they come into contact with a solid object. In a spa application, semi-solids are human skin, human waste, pollen, and other products (such as fingernail polish). Out of the three contaminants, semi-solids are the hardest to remove from water.

Under Normal spa conditions, HD Filters will last 2-4 months, Then just throw them out and replace with new ones.

The Evolution of the Spa Water Filters


When hot tub spas were first invented, pleated filters were used for filtration, but did not have very much square-footage of filtering material to provide for crystal clear water.  They had to be cleaned weekly and replaced often.


As spas got bigger, there was a necessity to increase the size and they number of pleats to provide clear water.  Notice that the space in between pleats in this photo is somewhat tighter than those in the the orange topped filter on the left.


Answering the call from consumers for even cleaner, easy to maintain water, filters were made with increasingly tighter, more numerous pleats in an attempt to filter out the contaminants found in spa water.  Notice how very tight the pleats in this filter are.  Manufacturers also compensated by making smaller filters that stack on top of each other (pictured) or in many instances simply kept increasing the height and width of the filters to provide clean water.


Now with the advent of High Density Micron Filters, the water is forced through microscopic caves and caverns (see below) made from Polypropylene fibers providing maximum high definition water clarity filtered down to 1 micron!

  How Does a High Density Spa Cartridge Filter Work?

High Density Depth Filtration
High Density Depth filtration (Micron) is a process in which water is forced through microscopic caves and caverns in a tightly wound Polypropylene filter, rather than being sucked through a paper, pleated-type filter. This Polypropylene web forces the water particles to take a different path every time (see photo). High Density Depth filters use this same process and remove particles throughout the entire thickness of the filter.

The contaminants are taken out of the water two ways. By getting stuck in the Polypropylene web and by absorption into the material. Polypropylene removes these contaminants and traps them in its fibers, not letting them back into the water. The particles that would have formed a cake on the surface of a paper, pleated-type filter will now be spread throughout the entire High Density filter element instead. The path through the filter media is long and random. High Density Depth filters offer the best chance of contaminants to be captured in both the long term and the short term, and are more likely to capture semi-solids and particles of varying sizes. High Density Polypropylene Filters are not meant to be cleaned or reused.  Simply toss out after a few months and replace with a new one to ensure brilliant High Definition clarity for your spa water, with much less chemical use!

Why should I use one in my spa ?

Benefits of High Density Depth Filters
º Filters faster and more efficiently so there is no need for clarifiers, scum digesters, no cartridge cleaners, no defoamers.
º Easier to balance chemicals. Less contaminates in water
º Optimum filter life is longer.
º Healthier for customers, cleaner water.
º Chemicals last longer.
º The dirtier the filter gets the better it will clean the water.
º Saves maintenance time & reduces chemical and filter costs.
º Traps oils and organic debris in the filter fibers, and doesn't leech them back into the water.
º Due to the intense filtration and multiple water pathways, Micron Filters are better for the equipment in the pool/spa.
º Takes out minerals, stopping build up of equipment lines & heater
Removes contaminates such as sweat from bathers that don't shower before entering the water.
º Quickly cleans up of all the residue left after very heavy use and takes the contaminates out of the water before they build up.
º Traps organics before they multiply reducing the sanitizers needed to keep the water clean.
º Will clean up spilt beer and wine before affects water chemistry & decreases sanitizer.
º Can use any type of water no matter how bad it is. Will take out virtually all impurities.
º Filtration Equivalent to a 900 sq ft filter.
º Filters out 10 microns at it's outer edge down to 1 micron at the core.
º 84 % efficient at 10 microns.
º 91 % efficient at 1 micron.
º Lasts 2-4 months.
º Do not have to clean…EVER. (Just replace with new.)
º Filters faster and more efficiently.
º Made of high grade melt blown polypropylene

Under Normal spa conditions, HD Filters will last 2-4 months, Then just throw them out and replace with new ones.

Under Normal spa conditions, HD Filters will last 2-4 months, Then just throw them out and replace with new ones.


This product is rated as Best of Class
for new Product Engineering


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17-175-4000 - Filbur HD Filter Cartridge, Disposable, 2-1/8 Inch Center Hole, 4-15/16 Inch Diameter,13-5/16 Inch Tall - Replaces the Micropure MF-170 - FC-2392 - UPC - 654454023926 - 17-175-4000 $54.79 $28.99 > Store > Hot Tub Spa Products > Filter Cartridges

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