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Moves most of operations from New York to Nevada
By: Todd Selese ::: Business Online

January 10, 2007

Jeff Baxter, Manager, an industry leader in the sale of pool and spa supplies through the internet and print catalogs, has completed a year long reorganization project which included a move of their corporate operations to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The reorganization involved shutting down many of their other divisions including their service companies Long Island Hot Tubs and Paramount Pools on Long Island, New York and as well as their walk-in stores Las Vegas Hot Tubs and the Store in Henderson, Nevada.

Daniel Harrison, President, CEO

"The companies got too big, too fast and as a result, were becoming a management nightmare" says's CEO and President Daniel Harrison.  "A great deal of our income was coming from our online sales and advertising revenue from our web site, but most of the operating expenses were going towards our other four divisions.  It just did not make financial sense to continue with brick-and-mortar type businesses at this juncture" he says.

"These reorganization moves will allow us to focus on what we do best, which is to provide pool and spa supplies to consumers through mail order channels.  We will be able to focus more on providing up to date information on our web site as well as increase our advertising revenues" he added. will continue to provide some of the product fulfillment through its' New York warehouse located in Yaphank but will house their call center operation and executive offices in Las Vegas.  By year end of 2007, all of their operations should be moved to Vegas.

Harrison says that "hopefully this will complete our 3 year business plan started in 2004 that called for a higher degree of emphasis on the ever increasing online sales business and a de-emphasis of the 'old school' business model that we had followed for over 25 years".

The only thing constant in business is change, and it looks like is changing with the times to provide better service to their thousands of online customers nationwide.

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