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Hot Tub Life Articles

The White House Hot Tub

From the March 1998 Hot Tub Newsletter

The Spa Guy Speaks Out

As if I don’t already get enough email, that mention of the "Presidential Spa" in the last Newsletter (Dec 1997) brought the biggest response of any Hot Tub Life article ever !

Since the Spa Guy likes to remain politically neutral, I will refrain from making my own personal comments and just reprint the most amusing email that was sent to me. Enjoy !

Dear Spa Guy,

I just finished reading the article about Slick Willy’s hot tub, and I felt an obligation to send the following to you:

V.R., Tampa, FL

I am no prude, but this does not sound very presidential. I am just sick of hearing about Monica Lewinsky and the seemingly "playboy" lifestyle of our President. Then again, if Richard Nixon had a hot tub squirting him with 25 different jets and a 3 HP pump, maybe he wouldn’t have been so uptight and gotten into that Watergate mess.

Also, tubbing could foster bipartisanship. It took Clinton, Gingrich and Trent Lott forever to come up with their recent budget agreement, and they did not produce a very good one even then. So next time, maybe Bill, Newt and Trent could take a hot tub together and get all the kinks worked out much earlier. What a sight that would be - huh ? And think of the diplomatic possibilities - Bill in the national tub with Boris Yeltsin or Saddam Hussien !

This $ 8000.00 seven seater tub is supposedly a gift from Hot Springs Spas, but White House spokesman Mike McCurry said it was not a gift to Clinton himself. "The people of the United States own this" he said. So, if we own it, can we use it ? Like the saying goes "Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame" - but what about 15 minutes in the Presidential Tub with Bill ? I even think it would be great if someone would run for president on the promise of "Elect Me and I’ll Let You Use the Tub !". I’d vote for that - it’s a better deal than the hosing we usually get from the White House.

Although, with things the way they are now, I’m sure any old ordinary citizen is welcome to use the tub - just like you can sleep overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom or have coffee with the President - for a price !

Well, this whole thing has riled me up so much that I think I have to stop now and go outside and take a long soak in my own hot tub. I better enjoy it while I still can. I am afraid that soon Clinton may raise taxes in order to have one of those new, nifty Sensory Deprivation Tanks installed. Then instead of "Head of State", we’ll have "Altered States"!