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From The Online newsletter May 2010
By Jeff Baxter

This has certainly been a very tough year so far for many people.  The weather has not been cooperating across the country.  Snow and cold in the West, blizzards in the East & the Midwest, frosts in the South and a very bad winter in the Northeast, all have combined to make an unusually unpleasant winter experience for most of the country. But as you know, the weather is not the only problem....

Perfect Storm Of Disaster
Combine the bad weather with the slow economy, the stock market and the continuing housing market meltdown and you get a "Perfect Storm" of disaster for many swimming pool and spa manufacturers, stores and dealers across the nation.  Many pool builders and spa dealers are reporting their new pool & spa sales down by up to 90% so far this year.  As one industry expert said last week, "This is the worst our industry has ever seen, and probably will ever see in our lifetimes. This will not be a recoverable situation for many pool & spa companies across the country".

Most of the pool and spa related publicly traded companies have seen their stock values plummet.  Although the strong companies will, of course survive, many of the smaller mom-and-pop type local pool and spa companies will have a very, very difficult 2010. Since new pool and spa sales are very closely tied to personal loans and the second mortgage market, there will most likely be no large increase in new installation sales until Obama, the Federal Reserve, Congress and the banking industry figure out a way to loosen up credit once again.

Some Bright Spots - New Pool & Spa Prices Are Way Down
But their are some bright sides to this gloomy outlook though.  If you can afford it, and are thinking about buying a new pool or spa, THIS IS DEFINITELY THE TIME TO BUY!  You will never see deals like this again.  Many of the swimming pool builders and spa dealers are offering tremendous deals, bargains and incentives in order to fill their installation schedules and keep their employees busy.  If you have some money saved up, or you do have access to the very low interest rates being offered by some banks, you could save thousands of dollars by purchasing your pool or spa now, while the market is still down. Although does not sell pools or spas, our site is a great resource for you to do your research before purchasing.

To start your research, check our these popular areas of our site to begin your planning:

Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Guide & Manufacturer's Links
º Planning to Buy a Hot Tub Spa?
º How do they build a spa ?
º Cool Hot Tub Spa Pictures

Swimming Pool & Swim Spa Buyers Guide & Manufacturer's Links
º Planning to Buy a Pool ?
º How do they build an Inground pool ?

º Cool Swimming Pool Pictures

If you need a local pool builder or spa dealer, visit our Company Locator Search Engine to find qualified companies in your area. To get the unbiased opinions of others, you may want to check out our Pool and Spa Message Board Forums to see what other consumers have to say about their pools or spas - or their experiences buying the. Any of course we suggest visiting the web sites of many of our sponsors, which you will see along the left hand side-bar on many of the web pages on our site.

Some More Bright Spots - Online Sales and Replacement Part Sales Are Way Up
As many local pool & spa stores are forced to close their doors, many pool & spa owners are flocking to the Internet to purchase their supplies., along most other online retailers, are reporting sales increases from 30%-50% over the same period last year.  The fact the so many local pool & spa stores have gone out of business is a large contributing factor for people to opt to purchase online rather than drive all around town looking for a bricks-and-mortar store that is still in business.

This is the fourth recession our company has lived through and we can tell you that every time, replacement part sales go through the roof as well.  Instead of just buying a new pump, filter or heater, many consumers are purchasing the replacement parts needed and simply fixing what they have.  It's amazing how handy "Dad" can be when he wants too - and it ends up being quite a savings in money!

Check out our online store right now for super bargains

Check out our Pool & Spa Parts Department for replacement parts

More Bright Spots - We Have Slashed Our Prices Too!
Due to a new order fulfillment system, increased sales volume, and the addition of a few more warehouses across the country, all of our prices have been tremendously slashed - most are a full 50% off retail. At we have all the chemicals, parts and accessories you will need to get that pool or spa in shape for this year's summer season. And to help with people's tighter budgets, we have reduced many of our prices to near wholesale levels.