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Video Channel Guide | NewsSubmit's Mascot Dog Cody
Appears in "Ride" PWC Magazine

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Cody, The Official Mascot of

Press Release
February 18, 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada

In the "strange but true" category..........Cody, the official mascot dog of's Pet Supply Division, appeared in the February 2010 issue of "Ride" magazine, the magazine for PWC & boating enthusiasts. Also appearing in the magazine was Sammy, The National Hot Tub Dog, and friend Sanji.

Although this has absolutely nothing to do with pools or spas, we do like to recognize the accomplishments of our dog mascots....even if they are in other industries.

People love dogs, people love pools & spas, and people love boating and Sea-Doo we guess it all somehow makes sense !  See the article below for more info.

  From left to right, Lucy (writer dog for magazine), Sanji, Cody next to boat, Cody laying in bed, Cody on boat, Lucy again, Sammy, The National Hot Tub Dog

Excerpt from Cody's letter to Lucy, the writer of "It's A Dog Life!" section of Ride Magazine:

Dear Lucy,

Woof, woof, woof.....oh, I'm sorry, I have to write this in "english" instead of "dog" so that those taller, bigger animals can understand us !

Anyway, my name is Cody and I am lucky enough to live in Las Vegas. I am two years old and am a husky. Since my daddy has a swimming pool, I have always liked water, even as a pup. From time to time he would take me to Lake Mead, which is only about 20 minutes from our house. I love to drive in the car and stick my head out the window to sniff all the great smells of the desert on the way to the lake.

Unfortunately, my daddy is kind of cheap, so we never had a boat or sea-doo to enjoy. My brothers, Sammy, a golden retriever and Sanji, another fellow husky, nagged and nagged and nagged dad to get a boat like all the other dogs have.

Well Lucy, my persistence paid off and dad got us a Carver Boat and a Sea-Doo this summer. I have attached some pictures of us all enjoying ourselves on Lake Mead this past August. Upon my suggestion, dad named the boat "A Dog's Life", just like your column in the magazine. What a coincidence !

We all love going on the boat and swimming in the lake. I want daddy to take me on his Sea-doo, but he selfishly wont let me go on that. I don't know why......but I will keep nagging. I find persistence is a doggie's best asset. Don't you ?

Well, thanks for the opportunity to tell you and other doggies about my fun summer, and me and my brothers can't wait until it gets warm again to frolic in the lake next summer !

Take Care !


Las Vegas, NV

P.S. - woof, woof, woof, woof

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