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  Monday, March 19, 2018
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From Poolandspa.com Online Newsletter July 2009

You have the time to clean your pool?  Are you kidding me?

With the extremely busy lives that we all live these days, who has the time to spend hour after hour vacuuming your swimming pool ?  Some people have the money to hire a pool service to vacuum the pool for them, but even if you do it once a week, you know that it looks like crap the day after the vacuuming anyway.

What is a person to do?  Why, oh why, have they not invented something that does the vacuuming for you?  Kind of like some sort of futuristic robot type thing that you simply put in the pool and it does all the work for you. 

Well you are in luck because they have, in fact, invented such a thing....The Aquabot Fully Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner !  These things work g-r-e-a-t !  They clean the pool better than you can do yourself and work all the time....keeping you pool floor and walls scrubbed and vacuumed 24/7.  You HAVE to get one of these.

You are thinking....."Oh, those things are way too expensive...they are only for the rich, right?"  Well, actually no.  It is true that any auto vac cleaner will cost from $600 - $1300 bucks, but look at it this way.....the things have a life expectancy of about 10 years.  So let's take a $1000 unit for example...that's only $100 a year.  And just think of all the time you will save by not having to vacuum the pool - or even better - think all the money you will save by not having to pay a pool guy to do it.  They get from $30-$50 a week for vac service in most parts of the country.

So if have a pool guy vac your pool once a week at, let's say $40 per visit...and you have the pool vacuumed 15 times per season, that's $600 bucks in savings right there....in one year

You may say "Yeah, but I just do it myself, so your numbers mean nothing to me?'  Oh really?  Well, certainly your time is worth something.  As much as your spouse may think so, you are not "totally worthless"!  So let's say you went to get a job at MacDonald's and they paid you $10 / hour.  It takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to vac a pool.  So let's say that's $15 worth of your time, and that is assuming your time is only worth a fraction over minimum wage. So if you vac the pool once a week for the same 15 week average pool season, that adds up to $225.  That is still $125 a year more than the Aquabot costs over time.

Now you may feel that the whole money analogy is not for you.  OK, but you are forgetting one other MAIN BENEFIT of the Aquabots.....your pool is always clean - not just on the one day a week you vacuum it...but ALWAYS.  You can keep the Aquabot in the pool most of the time and run it everyday or every other day for a few hours and your pool walls and floor will ALWAYS be clean.  No amount of home vacuuming or pool service guy vacuuming can even come close to that!

Now let's talk green.  The Aquabots are a totally green product.  As a matter of fact they have earned the coveted "Certified Green Product" seal.  They work on low voltage DC current, so as well as being totally safe, they are very, very inexpensive to operate.  They vacuum the pool AND filter the water at the same time, so you save money on running your pool filter. They also do not waste ANY WATER, like the vacuuming and backwashing process usually does.  You do not lose one drop of water when vacuuming with your Aquabot - and in many parts of the country, drought conditions are making water very expensive as well.

So you save money, you save time, and you save the environment with the Aquabot Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner - AND your pool walls and floor are ALWAYS clean....not just on your "vacuuming day", but ALL WEEK LONG.

You owe it to your self to check out these wonderful inventions and start enjoying all the benefits of a crystal clean pool without all the work, expense and hassles !

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