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Here's why it's safe to shop at

Dinner at a restaurant, buying on the Internet - we can purchase both with a credit card, but in which case is our credit card information safer? We don't think twice about using a credit card in a restaurant because it's something we do so often. On the other hand, shopping on the Internet seems much more mysterious and dangerous. It's really not...

We use a secure Web server for all credit card transactions to help ensure that purchases you make from our Web site are protected. Most browsers use a technology called "Secure Sockets Layer" and can take advantage of the special protection that our Web server offers. This means that your name, address, and credit card number are encrypted (coded) so outsiders cannot read them. This isn't the case in that restaurant or retail store where anyone can copy down your card number!

Secure Sockets Layer technology

Just how safe is this Secure Sockets Layer technology? If you are using a United States version of one of these browsers, then you are taking advantage of "256-bit encryption." This is as secure as Internet transactions can get. A "hacker" would have to try literally tens of billions of combinations to get to your information! If you aren't using a United States version of one of these browsers, you are still safeguarded by 40-bit encryption, which offers you and your private information excellent protection. This means that you have a much better chance of being struck by lightning today than having a criminal read your 40-bit encrypted credit card number. The odds with 256-bit encryption are about the same as both you and the criminal winning different state lotteries and getting struck by lightning on the same day!

To use Secure Sockets Layer technology, our Web server has what is called a "Server ID" or "Server Certificate" that was issued by Go Daddy.  This Server ID is unique to our Web server and allows us to identify ourselves to potential customers like yourself.

At, we even take it one step further and use "EVSSL" security.  An EVSSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to a website. The green address bar in your browser prominently displays "" and provides highly visual assurance to you that our site is secure – immediately giving you the extra confidence that your data is safe. 

You will most likely notice this when you check-out in our online store, when your browser address bar changes in appearance. There is a padlock displayed at either the top or bottom of your browser's window. These changes indicate that when you are checking-out, Go Daddy checked our Server ID and verified that we are qualified to accept credit card information online. If Go Daddy had not been able to verify our Server ID, you would have been told not to check-out of our store.

In addition to the special protection that we offer, you should also know that there just aren't that many people in the world who have the abilities to intercept Internet traffic containing credit card information. In addition, most credit card companies will not hold you accountable for unauthorized charges made to your credit card -- check your credit card company's policy for details.

Our Privacy Policy

Our email mailing list and postal mailing list remain the exclusive property of  We do not sell or rent our mailing lists to anyone. We do not divulge any customer demographic information to any other entity for any other particular use other than providing information that was specifically requested by you.  Our customer lists are used exclusively by us to send out newsletters, brochures, catalogs and announcements via both email and postal mail.  If you wish to stop further transmissions of commercial email to you by us - it may be stopped at no cost to you by replying to with REMOVE in the subject line. We promptly honor all REMOVE requests.

Rest assured while you shop at

All in all, shopping in's Online Store and the Internet stores of other reputable businesses just isn't something that you should worry about. The chances of an unauthorized person finding and using your credit card information are very small. In the future, it's likely that we'll all be shopping on the Internet regularly and wondering what all of the initial fuss was about!  For more details about how online security works, please visit Go Daddy.  We are also certified by numerous web monitoring services for your complete protection and are members of the Navarre Chamber of Commerce, The International Hot Tub Association, The Online Business Bureau, The Aqua 100 Hall Of Fame, and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

Buy With Confidence From A Fully Licensed And Insured Pool And Spa Company Backed By The Norton Shopping Guarantee!
All orders from come with our exclusive 3-in-1 Norton Shopping Guarantee. These benefits are of no additional cost to you! No sign-up needed. These benefits are totally free, and are included with your purchase today. $100 Lowest Price Guarantee, $1000 Purchase Guarantee, $10,000 Identity Theft Protection, PCI Compliant Secure ID Privacy, Fully Licensed and Insured.

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