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Hot Tub Life Articles

The Spa Guy Answers Questions - Part 3

If you have a Hot Tub Spa question that you would like answered in an upcoming column, write to the Spa Guy c/o, 672 Los Feliz Street; Las Vegas, NV 89110.

Dear Spa Guy,

I love your column in Hot Tub Life, but your answers are always written in italics and are sometimes hard to read. Can you do anything about that ?

R.J., Toledo, Ohio

Dear R.J.,

Yes. I mean, yes.

Dear Spa Guy,

I just bought a new Coleman Spa and I am completely confused about all the chemicals and cleaning products. The guy I bought the spa from is absolutely no help. What do I need for my spa ? Do I need everything that you show on your Web Site and Newsletter ? I hope not. That would cost a lot ! Please cut through the clutter for me.

J.P., Baldwin, New York

Dear J.P.,

First of all, notice that this is not in italics (for old R.J.). Hope this is better !

So you got yourself a hot tub spa. You love the way it looks. You feel so relaxed lounging in the comfortable seats. Your bones and muscles feel so good when the warm water massages every inch of your tired body. So what next ? What kind of chemicals do you need to keep your water clear and fresh. What should you add to the spa water each week ? How do you keep it clean ? How do you care for the cover ? On no ! Another headache ?

Well, it doesn't have to be. Caring for your spa does not have to be a problem, as long as you follow some simple instructions and if you have the right chemicals and accessories at hand.

First of all, you should read a little bit. We suggest reading our E-Z SPA CHEMICAL INSTRUCTIONS. You should refer to this whenever you have to add chemicals to your spa or drain and refill it. This should be your "Bible". Also you should check out some of the past Hot Tub Life Articles either on our Web Site or on our Catalog Disc. There you will find many helpful tips about caring for your spa.

Next, you will have to get all the right chemicals, cleaning products and accessories that are necessary to keep your hot tub spa in tip top shape. Yes, it does cost some money to get yourself set up right, but the good thing about spa chemicals is that you don't need large quantities to do the job right. A small bottle will last a long time because you are only treating a relatively small amount of water (compared to a swimming pool).

Below, we will give you some lists of things that you should have on hand for the proper care and maintenance of your spa. Then, we will suggest some of the optional fun stuff that you can also get. Remember, if you get confused, or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-702-437-4343 for some free advice. We are here to help you and to make your experience with your hot tub spa as easy and pleasurable as possible.

Spa Chemicals (Minimum Requirements)

Bromine Tablets, pH Plus, Alkalinity Plus or Perfect pH, Demineralizer / Metal Out, Spa Shock, Water Clarifier or Scumdigester Enzyme

Spa Chemicals (Also Recommended)

Velvet Touch Water Softener, Defoamer, pH Minus

Spa Accessories (Minimum Requirements)

Test Kit or Test Strips, Bromine Floater

Spa Accessories (Also Recommended)

Spa Draining Pump, Rubber Ducky, Thermometer, Thermal Blanket, Spa Scents

Spa Cleaning / Maintenance Items (Minimum Requirements)

Scumballs or Scumbugs, Spray Away Cleaner, Filter Cleaner

Spa Cleaning / Maintenance Items (Also Recommended)

Spa Vacuum, Filter Cleaner Canister, Kover Care, Spa Brite Wax

Fun Stuff (And Optional Items)

Spa Pillows, Spa Safe Lock Kit, Floating Spa Radio, Floating Bar, Spa Side Tray, Ozonator, Waterproof Playing Cards

Hope this helps you out !