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Pool And Spa TV - Season 7 Episodes

How-To Videos For Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

2013 Pool And Spa TV Season 7 Episode Guide:
Hosted By Daniel Harrison, Produced By Patrick Haines For, Filmed By Jose Varela, Demand Media

Pool & Hot Tub Spa How-To Episodes:

Episode 1 - How To Replace A Swimming Pool Chlorinator

Episode 2 - What Is A Whirlpool Spa ?

Episode 3 - What Is A Swimming Pool Safety Cover ?

Episode 4 - How To Replace A Pool Water Leveler

Episode 5 - How To Replace An Inground Pool Ladder

Episode 6 - How To Drain A Hot Tub With A Pump

Episode 7 - How To Replace Pool Vacuum Brushes

Episode 8 - Swimming Pool Remodeling Tips

Episode 9 - How To Repair Hot Tub Spa Plumbing Pipes

Episode 10 - How To Install A Cover On An Inground Pool

Episode 11 - How To Troubleshoot An Inground Pool Leak

Episode 12 - How To Seal An Air Leak By Your Pool Pump

Episode 13 - How To Fix An Air Lock In Your Hot Tub Spa

Episode 14 - How To Stop Iron From Staining Your Pool

Episode 15 - Tips On Repairing An Inground Pool Skimmer Line

Episode 16 - How To Clean Pool Vacuum Brushes

Episode 17 - How To Seal Leaks In Tile Swimming Pools

Episode 18 - How To Find An Inground Pool Leak

Pool & Hot Tub Spa How-To Episodes:

Episode 19 - Troubleshooting Inground Swimming Pool Liners

Episode 20 - How To Snap A Pool Liner Back Into The Track

Episode 21 - Tips On How To Find A Leak In A Vinyl Liner Pool

Episode 22 - How To Pump Water Out Of A Pool

Episode 23 - How To Add Color To Your Inground Pool

Episode 24 - How To Drain An Inground Pool With A Main Drain

Episode 25 - Tips On How To Winterize An Inground Pool

Episode 26 - How To Choose An Inground Pool For Your Yard

Pool & Spa Music Videos & Promo Trailers:

Producers & Filmmakers Of These Music Videos & Promo Trailers are: Master Image Worldwide Entertainment Group, Swim University, PoolAndSpa.TV, Falcon Rattler Media

Episode 27 - Taking The Plunge Documentary Movie Trailer

Episode 28 - Swim University Pool Care Rap Video

Episode 29 - Pool And Spa Season 7 Promo Trailer # 1 - Believe

Episode 30 - Pool And Spa Season 7 Promo Trailer # 2 - Freedom

Episode 31 - Best Of Class Promo Trailer - Landslide

Episode 32 - Best Pool & Spa Installations Of 2013

Episode 33 - Best Of Class Award Winning Companies Of 2013

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