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How To Measure For Your Spa Cover - Part 1


How To Measure A Hot Tub Spa Cover
For Replacement


It is best if you measure your existing COVER and not your spa. Measure across the seam, then perpendicular to that, in order to get the proper length and width. Also measure any cut off corners or odd shaped sides of the cover. It is always best if you can e-mail (  or fax (1-702-568-0924) us a drawing of the cover, with all dimensions noted. This will avoid any confusion.


Cover Skirt

If you do not have a cover to measure from, then you must measure all the OUTSIDE dimensions of the spa.

Remember, the cover has a flap around the edges called a SKIRT. This must easily sit over the edges of your spa, with a little room to spare.



Remember, when measuring, it is always better to make the cover size a little bit BIGGER than your spa. This will not cause a problem. If you make a mistake, and measure too SMALL, the cover will not fit properly, will not sit flat and will not hold the heat in.


Cover Tie Downs

Also remember that all Prestige Covers come with Tie Downs and locks that can either be attached to the wood spa cabinet or be screwed to a deck.


All covers are made precisely to the measurements you provide to us. Because each cover is custom made, there are NO RETURNS allowed if you make a mistake with your measurements, so please be careful.  If you are unsure about how to measure your spa cover, please watch the video at the top of the page!


How to measure your spa cover - part 2 - special shapes and radius corners


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