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Hot Tub Spa Cover - Prestige Classic Spa Cover

 Classic Hot Tub Spa Cover by Prestige
Recommended for Indoor Spas Only

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Recommended for Indoor Spas Only

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Attention: Spa Covers are all custom made (except Clearance Spa Covers). We do not stock spa covers by the brand of spa you have. You must have measurements of the spa or of the spa cover you already have to have a Spa Cover made. Please see the videos at the bottom of this page to learn how to measure your spa for a cover.


Prestige Spa Covers are extremely high quality covers, for those that want the best. They are of significantly higher quality than other spa covers on the market today. All Prestige Spa Covers are cut on computer driven machines for complete accuracy. If you are sick and tired of buying a new cover every few years, we suggest you invest in one of these !  Since spa covers are all Custom made to fit your exact spa they are available in a variety of styles and at different price points to fit your needs ( Classic, Prestige Deluxe and Walk-On styles ). The Prices listed are for covers up to 8 feet. Larger covers will be additional.


The Classic Cover Offers:
Recommended for Indoor Spas Only

 2" X 4" Tapered Foam. Single Top Stitched vinyl covering. Reinforced Galvanized channeling for center support. Four Tie Downs with keyed lock fasteners. Two carry handles. Steam Stoppers to prevent heat from getting out of the cover through the edges of the center fold. The bottom of the cover is made of a fine mesh screening for breath-ability of the foam core (so it does not get soggy and stinky). The 1lb density foam cores of the Classic cover are wrapped in a 2 mil. plastic perma-liner to keep water from absorbing into the foam. Prestige offers upgrades to the foam density and the Plastic covering for added protection and "R" value. 
5 year pro-rated MFG warranty against water absorption.


Spa Cover Foam Details:

 1 lb. density foam core provides an R-13 level of insulation when on the spa, while still being lightweight and removable with ease. Standard 2 mil perma liner wraps the foam cores to help protect from water absorption.


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Upgrades Available:

Extra long Steam Stopper Upgrade: This steam stopper goes the full length of the entire fold to keep in much more heat - $20.00
Foam core Plastic Perma liner Upgrade: This heavy duty perma-liner wraps the foam cores in a protective 4 mil. chemical resistant plastic that repels harsh chemicals and moisture, which makes your cover last longer. A highly recommended Prestige Spa covers exclusive - $20.00


Don't Forget The Thermal Blanket

Don't Forget The Cover Lifter

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Hot Tub Cover Review - The New Prestige Deluxe Spa Cover - Poolandspa.TV (8:13 min)



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Important Notes & Suggestions:

When your new spa cover arrives please check to make sure it is not damaged before you sign for it. If, in the unlikely event it is damaged, please DO NOT sign for it. Refuse delivery and call us right away. See terms below for more info.
Watch video about receiving & installing your new spa cover
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Click here to see the next step up in covers, the Prestige Deluxe Spa Cover
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