Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Spa Maintenance "How-To" DVD's


Due to popular demand, we have made two DVD's of our first season of Pool & Spa How-To videos that we produced for YouTube.  We had no idea that so many people would be interested in our videos, and we have to admit that some of the first ones we made last year are a little amateur-ish.  But, they do get the point across - and we do get better with the technology with each video that we do! So we have made two compilation DVD's which cover our most popular shows from September 2007 thru August 2008.

Here's what's on each DVD:

Swimming Pool Series (approx 2 hours):
How To Open An Inground Pool
How To Close An Inground Pool

How To Clear A Green Pool
How To Backwash A Pool Filter
How To Acid Wash An Inground Pool
How To Repair A Cement Pool Step
How To Paint A Pool
Hot Tub Spa Series (approx 1.5 hours):
How to Open, Drain & Clean a Hot Tub Spa
How To Install A New Hot Tub Spa Cover

How To Install A Spa Cover Lifter
How To Install A Spa Cover Mural
How To Measure For A New Spa Cover
How To Use Spa Draining Pumps
Setting Up The Spa Water
Hot Tub Spa Cover Product Review


These videos are out of production. However, you can view them here



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