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Canadian Spa Company - Product Review, Information And Photos

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Canadian Spa Company

Hot Tub Manufacturer, Swim Spa Manufacturer, Worldwide Hot Tub Supplier

The Canadian Spa Company is a global brand. They manufacture products in North America, Asia and Europe and distribute world-wide. They have been in business for over 30 years. They have received the 2015 Consumers’ Choice Award, the 2014 Greater Toronto Area Consumer Choice Award and the Best Of Class Award from They are a fully registered firm with ISO 9001:2008 (The International Organization for Standardization), which sets out the requirements of a quality management system, a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management in the company.

They are a Hot Tub Supplier & Hot Tub Manufacturer Worldwide, Swim Spas, Gazebos and Saunas to Major Retailers near you. Contact them  through the Canadian Spa Company office in your country for pre-sales questions and after-sales support and help, including warranty, servicing and after-sales spares (see below).

One of the larger companies in the world market place; the Canadian Spa Company has been recognized as an industry leader since our first spa was sold around thirty years ago. Three decades on, the Canadian Spa Company is still supplying an ever expanding range of quality products, with the very best backup and after-sales service available!

Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Gazebos

The Toronto Is One Of Their Popular Acrylic Hot Tub Models


Toronto spa hot tub is a great family spa. Slow down and enjoy each other’s company in a Canadian Spa Company Toronto hot tub while 44 adjustable stainless steel jets help to work out that knot in your back. This tub is perfect for any family as it fits 5 – 6 people comfortably with an included lounger for extra relaxation. A powerful 2 speed 5-HP pump and adjustable air valves ensure that everyone receives the pressure that they require. The infrared-reflecting insulated cabinet traps the heat inside the spa and a 3 (Euro) / 5.5 (North America) kW heater keeps the tub running smoothly in the bitter winter season.

Relax with a gentle play list from the included pop-up waterproof speakers and let the perimeter LED lighting and aromatherapy system calm your senses. An included vacuum break system and lockable hard top cover helps to keep your spa safe. Every Toronto spa is manufactured with Lucite acrylic which includes Microban antimicrobial protection and an ozone generator to assist with the water maintenance!

The Grand Rapids Is One Of Their Plug & Play Hot Tub Models

The Grand Rapids Inflatable Hot Tub by Canadian Spa Company is the perfect way to indulge yourself and your family in some luxury in the comfort of your own garden.

Seating for four people, this Canadian Inflatable spa features the latest technology in filters. The automatic filtration function of the Grand Rapids Microban anti-bacterial filtration aids intensive and hygienic water purification so that you can relax in crystal clear, high-quality water every time you take a soak.

The pump has a digital control panel which allows you to run the massage system, heat the hot tub and filter the water all at once. With three speed air massage and a new aromatherapy system, you will be able to drift yourself into the tranquility of your own garden sanctuary.

The Canadian Spa Grand Rapids Inflatable has a depth that will allow you to sit down, making easy for body submersion. While the reinforced cover with safety lock clips and a built in air chamber will provide further insulation. O-beam design for stronger and thinner walls.

Stronger Spa Walls With New O-Beam Design

The Features and Benefits are: Aromatherapy system - The new aromatherapy system provides a soothing scents and is a great way to relax and unwind. Microban Filters - The Grand Rapids Microban anti-bacterial filtration aids intensive and hygienic water purification, inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould keeping your water cleaner and safer longer. 3 Speed - With a new design air valve which allow for super quick air release, provides the most relaxing experiences you can have.
LED lights - The included LEDs illuminate the water to give it an inviting and colorful feel, great for adding that special ambience.

The St Lawrence Is One Of Their Popular Swim Spa Models

More Than Luxury, Swim Spas Offer All the Health Benefits You Need! The latest design of this swim spa combines the benefits of a swimming pool, the functionalities of a spa, and the therapeutic effects of a hot tub in one compact versatile unit. The St Lawrence Swim Spa is available in a 13' or 16' Size.

The St Lawrence 16' model is a revolutionary swim spa will change the previously-held conceptions we have about spas and pools.

This swim spa is two in one: a swim spa can be used for exercise and a jet massage area for relaxing all within the privacy of your own home in just a 16’ area in just a 5m (16') area!

Saunas, Covers, Spare Parts

Take a look at the Canadian Spa Company Videos!

Main Locations And Contact Information

Worldwide Hot Tub Supplier & Hot Tub Manufacturer, Providing Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Outdoor Furniture and Saunas to major retailers near you. Contact us through the Canadian Spa Company office in your country for pre-sales questions and after-sales support and help, including warranty, servicing and product information.


Canadian Spa Company
1283 Cornwall Rd.
Oakville, Ontario
Canada, L6J 7T5
Telephone: 1-877-347-7727


Canadian Spa Company
6405 Inducon Drive West
Sanborn, NY 14132
Telephone: +1 (844)-879-7727


European Head Office

Canadian Spa Company Ltd
Canada House
Salbrook Road, Salfords,Redhill
Surrey, UK, RH1 5G
Telephone: +44-01293-824 094

Canadian Spas Email Addresses:
(English, French, Spanish, and German supported)


Customer Service


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