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September 5, 2012
By Betty Carter News
Las Vegas, NV USA

Consumers Are Looking For Energy Efficient Hot Tub Spas During The Recession

As the cost of energy is rising across the United States and Canada, savvy consumers are also looking for highly insulated hot tubs, but still want all the fancy "bells-and-whistles" that are available today.

Clearwater Spas of Woodinville, Washington, make a line a very high quality hot tub spas PLUS uses all the most energy efficient components and insulations, allowing consumers to have the best of both worlds.

Remember that "Eco-Friendly" does not necessarily have to mean sacrifice of lack of comfort. Ron Clearwater, Founder and CEO for Clearwater Spas reports that "You do not have to sacrifice comfort or fun with your spa, but you can choose an option that is more environmentally conscious from many spa manufacturers, including our brand, Clearwater Spas."

What is so special about eco-friendly options? From manufacturing to power use, they are quite special. When you select the right hot tub, you can, in fact, be helping the environment. Mr. Clearwater adds "When our company designs and creates our hot tubs, they keep two things in mind: your comfort and the environment. From the very beginning, staying green is kept in mind, and the manufacturing location for the spas is also important, as we do not produce environmental pollution with our shell EcoSpray process".  He also continues, saying that "At Clearwater Spas our floors of the spas are created from recycled ABS, and we even go so far as to recycle our own material waste, such as wood and plastic."

Getting an energy efficient hot tub is good for a number of reasons; the hot tubs are energy efficient in a number of different ways, they are environmentally friendly and they will also save you money in electricity. All Clearwater tubs are insulated from floor to cover, and the spas are made to maintain heat, avoid pollution and allows for protection from damaging insects.

The insulation used is made to buffer against cold air in order to maintain heat so that the heater system has to work less and will use less electricity. Getting a high quality spa cover also helps to protect the spa water from heat loss as well.

Mr. Clearwater also reports that "The spas designed and manufactured by Clearwater Spas now include a new technology called E-Smart, which guarantees that the hot tubs are energy efficient in all ways. Designed from recycled materials, including the best in insulation, our hot tubs will not only offer a green alternative, they will also cost you less money since they use much less of your energy resources."

Remember, going green does not have to be difficult. In fact, many people assume that, to protect the environment, they will have to make sacrifices, but this is no longer true. You can still enjoy the comfort, therapy and fun of a hot tub at your home while still helping to produce a better global environment.

Mr. Clearwater continues that "All Clearwater Spas are certified to pass the rules of the California Energy Commission (CEC) energy standards act, which is a strict set of rules about energy efficiency and environmental safety. There is no sense in missing out on the fun of a hot tub because you are worried about the environment. In fact, when your neighbors see your hot tub installation, they may quite possibly be green with envy!”

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