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February 5, 2011
Las Vegas, NV USA
From Newsletter February 2011
By Betty Carter - News
Additional Information Provided By Adam Patrick

Durasport Roto molded Hot Tub


Ahhhhh, the recession.  Aren't you just sick of hearing about it?  Aren't you just sick of being a victim of it?  We think everyone has really had enough of the continuous bad news we get every minute of every day.  What can you do?  Well, you can now relax in your very own hot tub - not for $12,000, not for $8000, not for $5000 - but for even much, much less money, thanks to Roto Spas.

For every negative, there is a positive - and although rotationally molded hot tub spas (Roto Spas) have actually been around for almost 10 years, their popularity is increasing each and every month for two main reasons.  First, they are priced at a significantly lower price than their big brothers and sisters, acrylic spas.  And secondly, they are incredibly lightweight, and easy to move from place to place (or from home to home, if the evil banks keep foreclosing on you).

So what exactly is a Roto Spa? 

Rotational molding, also known as Roto molding, is a molding process used to create portable hot tub spas, and their associated accessories (steps, trays, shelves, etc.). 


Close Up Of A Roto Molding Machine



Here You Can See Roto Molded Spa Steps
With Built-In Storage


A heated hollow mold is filled with a powdered high impact polyethylene polymer. The hot tub mold is mounted on a single arm machine (see photo to the left).  For example, Durasport Spas is one hot tub manufacturer that actually houses two of the largest and most technologically advanced Roto Mold machines in the industry.

These machines rotate the mold biaxial while heating it externally. The high impact polymer softens, therefore, uniformly coating the inside of the mold. Once cooled the two part mold is opened exposing a single piece spa.

Roto Molded spas benefit from consistent wall thickness and density creating spas so structurally strong they are often backed by a lifetime warranty.  In addition to the durable nature of Roto Molded spas, they do not contain any wood, metal or vinyl, which means they will never rot, rust or tear.

Spa brands such as Durasport Spas and DreamMaker Spas are probably the most popular and well known of the Roto Spa brands available today.

Another other main benefit of Roto Spas are they are typically insulated much better than some of their acrylic counterparts.  Some tubs are claiming a very nice and "green" energy savings of over 40%, compared to other non-insulated acrylic portable hot tubs.

From a cost perspective, Roto Sales typically sell for about 40%-60% less than the same sized acrylic spa.  Also, they are very durable (both the spa shell and cabinet) and truly portable.

Brands such as Durasport & DreamMaker offer true "Plug n Play" spas, in the sense that you do not need to pour a concrete slab base, or hardwire them to 220 volt electricity. You just place the one piece spa on a flat, level surface, fill it up with water, and plug it into an existing 110 volt outlet and you are ready to go.  No contactors, no electricians, no costly set-up expense.

Unlike some other 110 volt spas on the market that steal exhaust heat from the pump, some of the newer Roto Mold brands even have a true stainless steel heating element (like acrylic spas) and can be used year round in any climate.


The Newer Roto Spas Even Have Great Looking Cabinets


For many years, a lot of people liked the benefits of Roto Molded hot tubs, but did not like the "plastic-look", or "Dog-Bowl-look" of the outside of the spa cabinets.

Many of the newer Roto Spa companies now offer spa shells and cabinets that are available in beautiful color combinations that require no maintenance, and can withstand even the harshest climates. The great thing is that because the cabinets are not made of wood, or thin plastics, most Roto Molded spas will look as beautiful in years to come, as they did on the first day you got the tub.


Hybrid Roto Mold Spa By Strong Spas Has An Acrylic Interior, and Roto Molded Exterior cabinet, steps, cover and accessories


So.....what do you do to make Roto Spas better?  Or - what do you do to make acrylic spas better?  Well, the answer appears to be Roto Hybrids.

This type of hot tub spa is pretty rare at the moment, but will probably become more and more popular.  The spa in the photo to the left is made by a company called Strong Spas.  They have engineered an acrylic spa shell into a Roto Molded spa cabinet.  If you take a look at the photo, you will see that the Roto Molding process allows for a lot of new features that had not been possible with previous acrylic spas with wood cabinets.

With this model, Strong has taken the best of both worlds.  They have utilized the acrylic for the inside of the hot tub and the Roto process for the outside.  That allows them to offer features like built-in spa steps, storage cabinets, towel warmers and an integrated hot tub cover with lifters, attached right to the spa cabinet.

These features do not come cheap though.  Because of the manufacturing details involved in a hybrid-type hot tub unit, the price does jump right back up into the high-end acrylic spa level.  But on a positive note, you are truly getting the best of both world's with a hybrid - great energy efficiency, durable cabinets and covers, as well as the beauty of the acrylic spa shell.


Nice Roto Hot Tub With Shelf And Ice Bucket


Whether it is that a prospective hot tub customer cannot afford a high end spa, cannot justify spending the money, does not have the space, or plans on moving frequently....Roto Molded spas seem to be a way to go.

Whether you get a true Roto Spa or a Hybrid Spa, they tend to have great re-sale value, as they do continue to look "new", even if used outdoors.  Also, if the consumer already has a high end spa at their primary home and is looking for the same relaxation at their second/vacation home, a Roto Spa is a great idea.  You still get all the benefits of your primary "big" spa, at a price point substantially less.  Plus, if you are using it at a vacation home that you do not visit often, you can always just unplug it, and role it into the garage when you leave for added security.

Additionally, if you happen to live in a Town House, Condo, Military Base or a home with size restrictions - or HOA rules that might not allow for a big, 220 volt hot tub - Roto Spas are definitely the way to go!

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