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What Is A LOOP LOC Pool Cover

One of the safest in ground swimming pool covers you can buy today is a LOOP LOC swimming pool cover. LOOP LOC pool covers are safety covers that are more durable and more reliable than a standard in ground vinyl swimming pool cover. Rather than holding the cover with water tubes the LOOP LOC Cover is held down by anchors that are set into your patio around your swimming pool.

LOOP LOC swimming pool covers are more expensive than standard pool covers but with this cover you won’t have to worry about the cover falling into the pool over the winter. Swimming pool owners with a standard cover worry about water or snow piling up causing a collapse right in the middle of winter. You can save a lot of time and money when you choose a LOOP LOC cover.

Plus, you have a better chance of opening up your swimming pool clean with a LOOP LOC cover since the cover is so tight nothing will be able to get in. Yes, That means no more countless hours of scooping leaves out of the pool in the summer time and more time for swimming! You won’t have to worry about pets or kids with a Loop Loc cover, as the company shows the LOOP LOC cover can hold an elephants weight. They offer a variety of different covers ranging from the LOOP LOC Mesh Pool Cover for Rectangle Pools, the Ultra Loc Solid Covers w/Drain and you can even order a Custom Cover your swimming pool.

The LOOP LOC Mesh Pool Cover

If your swimming pool is a standard rectangle shaped in ground swimming pool, then this is the cover for you. Some of the great features of the Mesh Pool Cover is that the mesh material will allow the rain and snow to drain through the cover, the mesh cover will prevent water from collecting on top of the cover. Since the cover will stay dry there will not be any place for leaves or debris to get trapped on the cover.

Some of the other features on the LOOP LOC Mesh Pool Cover are the stainless steel springs that will hold the cover securely in place. These covers are also tamper proof and they can only open with the LOOP LOC Installation Tool. There are no more water tubes to buy and the LOOP LOC covers last longer than standard in ground swimming pool covers.

Let’s take a closer look at the components of the LOOP LOC Mesh Pool Cover. The Mesh is made of a super strong material. The design is that small holes that make up the cover allow the rain to pass through as well as keep the debris and dirt out of the swimming pool. The cover is lightweight but do not let that fool you, the cover has a breaking strength of 600 pounds per square inch.

What makes the LOOP LOC Mesh Cover special is that they have a one of a kind brass anchoring system that allows opening and closing the swimming pool as easy as 1-2-3. One of the greatest features of the Mesh cover is that the anchors lay flat after the pool is open. The cover has stainless steel springs that will hold your cover in place all through the winter. Installation takes second, you can cut down the amount of time it takes to open and close your pool with the LOOP LOC cover. There are even 4 designer colors to choose from.

Ultra Loc Solid Covers With Drain

The Ultra Loc Solid Covers w/ Drain does not have the mesh but rather a drain that keeps snow and rain from accumulating on the top of the cover. Some of the great features of the Ultra Loc is that they have solid panels in the cover that deflects the sun from the cover, this will help reduce the algae problem greatly. The cover has integrated drainage panels, if you encounter a safety cover knock off, you should know that covers without drainage panels are not fully safety covers.

This cover goes on just as the Mesh Cover does, there are anchors installed around the swimming pool and springs attached to the cover itself makes for a time saving opening and closing. If you are considering the Ultra Loc Solid Covers w/ Drain, your swimming pool should have the following, your pool length and or the width is up to 3 inches smaller than the sizes listed on our Ultra Loc Solid Covers w/ Drain web page as well as a minimum of a 36 inch deck is available.

Custom Shaped LOOP LOC Covers

They offer four different designs of the LOOP LOC Cover, the 100% Mesh, Solid w/Drain Panels and Solid w/ No Drain Panels and Now the New Aqua-Xtreme Mesh. They can offer you a cover that will fit most shaped in ground swimming pools or even hot tubs. The lead-time on ordering your custom cover is about 2 to 3 weeks. It is very important that you provide an accurate measurement of your swimming pool, if you are having trouble contact the customer service tech department and they can have a qualified technician on hand to help you (702-437-4343).

As we mentioned in the beginning that LOOP LOC covers are a bit more expensive than standard pool covers, but you are getting a quality cover that if well taken care of will last you many, many great years. The cost for a custom shaped LOOP LOC cover ranges from $1500 to $5000. Of course that depends on what size pool you have. If you would like to order a custom shaped LOOP LOC now is the time to get started.

Not sure which way to cover your swimming pool this year? Consider what the LOOP LOC Covers have to offer as opposed to the Standard Covers and you will see that the LOOP LOC Covers are more effective in terms safety as well as that you will save less time and money you will spend opening and closing your swimming pool.

By using the right winterizing chemicals (see our Swimming Pool Winter Chemical Kit Section) and the use of a LOOP LOC Cover you will have a successful opening and closing every year. If you did not find the information on the LOOP LOC cover that you are interested in, please feel free to give a call at 702-437-4343.  They are one of the oldest and largest Loop Loc Retail Dealerships in the country and will be able to help you with all your pool cover needs.


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Buy with confidence. is one of the oldest & largest sellers of Loop Loc Pool Covers in the world, having sold thousands of covers over the years.  We are a Fully Authorized Loop Loc Dealer. We have been selling Loop Loc Covers since 1984, and selling them on the web since 1994.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or need any additional information.

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