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  Friday, March 23, 2018
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Some Bright Spots In The Economy For Pools & Spas
From Poolandspa.com Online Newsletter July 2009

by Jeff Baxter

For the last few months we have been reporting on how bad the economy is.  So has everyone.  Blah, blah, blah, we all know how bad it is.  But there are some bright spots for the pool & spa industry that we would like to report:

People Are Buying Foreclosures
Yes, people are buying foreclosures, and many of them have pools and/or spas in them.  This has proven to be a big boom for pool & spa companies nationwide.  Many of the pools or spas have fallen into disrepair during the time the houses were vacant, and they need to be fixed up.  Also, many of the buyer's of these homes are first time homeowners who have never had to care for a pool or spa before...so there are thousands of people who need help setting up their pools or spas this spring.

People Are Choosing Not To Vacation As Much This Year
With the economy in it's current state, many people have indicated that they will not be taking their normal summer vacations and instead, are opting to stay home and enjoy the pool, spa and backyard they already have. Many folks are also upgrading their backyards as well.  For the same couple of thousand dollars people would normally spend on a one week vacation, they are purchasing new barbecues, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, gazebos and the like.  Many pool owners are either replacing their pool liners or doing other pool renovations such as replacing their steps, diving boards, lights or filter systems.

New Pool & Spa Prices Are Way Down
If you can afford it, and are thinking about buying a new pool or spa, THIS IS DEFINITELY THE TIME TO BUY!  You will never see deals like this again.  Many of the swimming pool builders and spa dealers are offering tremendous deals, bargains and incentives in order to fill their installation schedules and keep their employees busy.  If you have some money saved up, or you do have access to the very low interest rates being offered by some banks, you could save thousands of dollars by purchasing your pool or spa now, while the market is still down. Although Poolandspa.com does not sell pools or spas, our site is a great resource for you to do your research before purchasing. Click here to get to the Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Guide section of our web site and click here to get to the Swimming Pool Buyer's Guide section of our web site to learn more.

If you need a local pool builder or spa dealer, visit our Company Locator Search Engine to find qualified companies in your area. To get the unbiased opinions of others, you may want to check out our Pool and Spa Message Board Forums to see what other consumers have to say about their pools or spas - or their experiences buying the. Any of course we suggest visiting the web sites of many of our sponsors, which you will see along the left hand side-bar on many of the web pages on our site.

Swim Spa Sales Are Up
So you think you might want a swimming pool, but it costs too much money.  So you thought about getting a hot tub spa instead, but they seem to be just too small.  Don't you wish that someone would invent something that had all the best features of a pool and a spa combined, but at a really reasonable cost ?  Well, your wish has come true because although Swim Spas have actually been around for a few years, they are just now becoming much more popular and much more available throughout most of the USA - and the rest of the world too !  Click here to get to the new Swim Spa section of our web site.

Online Sales and Replacement Part Sales Are Way Up
As many local pool & spa stores are forced to close their doors, many pool & spa owners are flocking to the Internet to purchase their supplies.  Poolandspa.com, along most other online retailers, are reporting sales increases from 30%-50% over the same period last year.  The fact the so many local pool & spa stores have gone out of business is a large contributing factor for people to opt to purchase online rather than drive all around town looking for a bricks-and-mortar store that is still in business.

This is the fourth recession our company has lived through and we can tell you that every time, replacement part sales go through the roof as well.  Instead of just buying a new pump, filter or heater, many consumers are purchasing the replacement parts needed and simply fixing what they have.  It's amazing how handy "Dad" can be when he wants too - and it ends up being quite a savings in money!  If you are in the market for some replacement parts for your pool or spa, check out our wide selection in our Parts Departments.

More Bright Spots - We Have Slashed Our Prices Too!
Due to a new order fulfillment system, increased sales volume, and the addition of a few more warehouses across the country, all of our Poolandspa.com prices have been tremendously slashed - most are a full 50% off retail. At Poolandspa.com we have all the chemicals, parts and accessories you will need to get that pool or spa in shape for this year's summer season. And to help with people's tighter budgets, we have reduced many of our prices to near wholesale levels.

Read our current Newsletter for more information.