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Web Site Traffic And Statistics

More people visit our web site than 99% of ALL other sites on the Internet! is in the top ¼ % of ALL visited web sites!  Sites like Quantcast, Alexa and SimilarWeb are like the “Nielsen Ratings Companies” of the Internet. They closely monitor the most visited web sites. There are over 1 billion web sites on the Internet as of September 1, 2021, and there are over 30 trillion unique indexed URL's (pages), with a new one being added every second!

As of September 2021, the web site was rated as the following:

According To Quantcast
Out of 1 Billion websites, was the 42,885th most visited web site.

According To SimilarWeb
Out all Home & Garden websites, was the 3378th most visited web site.

According To Alexa
Out of 1 Billion websites, was the 115,882nd most visited web site.

According To Google has over 49,469 web pages that have been indexed by Google.

Out of 30 trillion URL's and over 1 billion web sites, all those figures above are about statistically identical. That puts in the top ¼% of ALL visited web sites.

To put it another way, more people visit than 99 3/4% of ALL other sites on the Internet!  

That is an amazing statistic!

We have been on the Internet since 1994 (actually BEFORE, and have over 41,570 other web pages that link back to -  and have millions of visitors to our site annually! has great national exposure!  Our site has been advertised in magazines, catalogs,  newsletters, direct mail, newspapers and search engines.  We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Advertising in order to drive traffic to our site.  Our site is shown on Google, Bing, AOL,, MSN, Yahoo, in many “web malls”, Social Networking Sites & Directories. We also do a tremendous amount of Direct Mail and Email to draw visitors to our site. has been featured in many national TV shows, books, magazines, newspapers and radio programs.  We are constantly promoting our web site to bring in visitors that will see your ads! If you want a great Internet presence at a very low cost, you should definitely place advertising on our site! Is Everywhere, On Every Device

To Make Sure You Reach The Customers You Need !

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Web Site Traffic, Social Reach And Statistics Traffic Data Compiled From: Website Properties As Of 09/01/2021:

Total Visitors = 5,461,179
Average Visits Per Day = 14,962
Average Time On Site Per Visitor = 10:59 min.
Number Of Pages Indexed By Google = 49,469
Number Of Pages Linked To = 41,570 YouTube Channel As Of 09/01/2021:

Total Number Of Videos = 112
Total Number Of Video Viewers = 4,159,519 Email Newsletters As Of 09/01/2021:

Total Number Of Subscribers = 254,123
Total Number Of Non-Subscribers = 451,714
Total Number Of Email Newsletters Sent = 13,581,145

Statistics For Social Networks As Of 09/01/2021:


Number Of Social Network Referrals = 396,181
Number Of Facebook Followers = 31,000
Number Of Twitter Followers = 1833
Number of Linked-In Connections = 4952
Number Of Pinterest Viewers = 87K / Mo.
Number Of Pinterest Boards = 51
Number Of Pinterest Pin Views = 2,551,181

Top 10 Most Popular Social Network Referrers As Of 09/01/2021:

1- Pinterest
2- Facebook
3- Reddit
4 -Twitter
5 - YouTube
6- Blogger
7- WikiHow
8- GMB
9- LinkedIn
10- Askville Mobile App Downloads As Of 09/01/2021:

Number Of Total App Downloads = 5622

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Popular Keywords or Phrases Searched For As Of 09/01/2021:

Below are the most popular Keywords or Phrases that were searched for to get to in 2021. There are some duplicates due to both Mobile and Desktop searches.

Current Most Popular Search Terms As Of 09/01/2021:

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Top 10 Referring Sites:

5 -

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