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Cover Valet Spa Cover Lifter Installation Instructions

Page 1 of Installation Instructions

This scanned page is a little hard to read, but it will help you understand the way the Cover Valet works.

Two types of bracket mounts are included.  One is for "top mount" installation and the other is for side mount installation.

cvinsta.gif (143200 bytes)

Once the piston brackets are installed, you simply slip your cover over the center "lift bar".  The gas filled pistons then make it a breeze to lift the cover off the spa.

The pistons are self latching, so that the cover cannot fall back on top of you.  Your cover will stay up even if it is windy outside or if someone bumps into it.

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Cover Valet Spa Cover Lifter - Product Review and Installation Instructions (10:00 min)

 Cover Valet Hot Tub Spa Cover Lifter - Product Review - Find out how easy it is to remove your bulky spa cover with this heavy duty spa cover lifter system. Produced for by Poolandspa.TV. Host Dan Harrison

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