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February 5, 2011
From Online Newsletter
By Betty Carter
Las Vegas, NV USA

World famous classical guitarist Esteban recently purchased two Atera AnyTemp Spas for his home in Florida.  Atera AnyTemp Spas are the only hot tub manufacturer who actually make hot and cold spas.  Yes, they actually cool the water when it is too hot.  Amazing, but true.

Classical Guitarist, Esteban


Esteban has had numerous record albums, and was made even more famous by his nationally aired infomercials for guitars and guitar lessons.  His life story is miraculous, learning how to play flamingo guitar and teaching others to play as well.  He has recently released a new CD being entitled "Why I Wear Black" as a tribute to Johnny Cash.

Esteban wanted to have a hot tub and a cold tub, to suit his needs with the varying weather conditions in Florida.  So the Atera AnyTemp Spas were a natural fit for his needs.

"I absolutely LOVE my two Atera AnyTemp Spas" he says.  "Yes, I have two of them side by side!  One is (for a) cold plunge and one is (a) hot spa.  I use them every single night for therapy purposes."


Esteban's Set Of Hot & Cold Hot Tubs In Florida



He continues that "I am a guitarist and I use my arms and back a lot when I’m performing and I was having huge problems with my joints and muscle stiffness.  Since using my Atera AnyTemp Spas, I am much more able to perform without pain and my stiff muscles and joints. I only wish I could take them on tour with me!"


Living on the water in Florida, but without a swimming pool - and with a limited space for his hydrotherapy needs - Esteban discovered that Atera AnyTemp Spas were really the only units on the market to serve his needs.  With the incredibly hot and humid weather in most parts of Florida in the summertime, you kind of want a pool - or in this case - a cold spa.  However in the evenings, or throughout much of he wintertime, you really enjoy all the hot water hydrotherapy benefits of a hot temperature tub.


Actual penguin swimming in a chilled Atera AnyTemp Spa



Esteban reports that "I don't even want to leave home anymore! I maintain one spa at 104 degrees and the other at 64 degrees.  The hot/cold hydrotherapy is a miracle worker.  That 40 degree span is one of the keys to health and longevity in my opinion. The immune system is so much stronger when exposed to hydrotherapy like this."

Overhead shot of an Atera AnyTemp Spa


It is kind of amazing that no other spa manufacturer has delved into this unique hot & cold technology for their portable spa units. "If anyone out there does not know about this, well, you should know (that) hot & cold hydrotherapy can make a marked difference in your quality of life!" says Esteban.


In between his busy concert touring schedule, Esteban says that he spends about five minutes in the hot tub and then about three minutes in the cold tub. He does this 3-4 times in a row and he says he feel wonderful afterwards.  He also enjoys using the tub at night prior to sleeping  and he says he sleeps soundly and I wakes up feeling rested everyday.


Chuck Reynolds, President & Founder of Atera AnyTemp Spas adds that "Atera (was) the Egyptian Goddess of Water" and that their Atera AnyTemp Spas "will provide you with a perfect temperature hot tub, cool spa or cold plunge year round, outdoors, regardless of the outdoor ambient temperature and humidity." He continues, "Why (would you) settle for just a hot tub when you can enjoy perfect temperature fun, healing water 365 days a year?"


Esteban agrees.  "This is one of life's great gifts (hot & cold water hydrotherapy).  I cannot properly put into words the wonderful benefits to my health that these Atera Spas have made" he says. "I am so elated that I now have (these spas) on my patio, overlooking my beautiful lake."


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