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  Sunday, March 18, 2018
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March 1, 2012
From Poolandspa.com Newsletter
Poolandspa.com News
Las Vegas, NV USA

We get photos almost every day, from customers who are proud of their new swimming pools or hot tubs.  Obviously, we do not have the time or space to feature them all - but this one caught our eye as particularly nice and special.

The photos below were submitted by Marty & Nancy Bates of Camarillo, California, USA - just this past January (2011).  They had noticed that there were not a lot of lap pool photos on either the Poolandspa.com "Cool Pool Photo Gallery", or anywhere else on the internet.  So they wanted to share their beautifully designed lap pool with others - who might be thinking of building something similar.

Although not too common, lap pools offer the convenience of long swim lengths for active swimmers, and are also appreciated by folks who may not have enough room in their backyard for the typical sized, wider, inground swimming pool. 

With this pool, they went "all-out", including both a built-in hot tub spa with an overflow waterfall as well. The design was finished off by exceptionally beautiful stone deck work all around the pool and spa areas - as well as a pair of dual, matching walk-in steps towards the house-end of the pool for easy entry.  Kudos to the designer, the builder, and to the Bates family, for the exceptional design and execution of this state of the art, beautiful and functional backyard play land !  Enjoy and dream!

Lap Pool with spa in the foreground and house in the background


Lap Pool with nice stone-work decking around it


Lap Pool with spa with overflow waterfall


Close-up of custom tile work around overflow waterfall by spa into pool


Full length view of Lap Pool with spa in the background .  Notice the water jets.


Note the built-in easy entry steps into the Lap Pooll


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