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February 5, 2011
From Online Newsletter
By Betty Carter
Las Vegas, NV USA

Coast Spas, a Canadian hot tub manufacturer, has found a great new market - in Israel.  Who would have thought?  Evidently, hot tubs are catching on in the middle east.  Take a look at the series of photos below - all photos taken from homes & backyards in Israel this past year.

Cozy interior hot tub with nice pillows

Hot Tub in the yard with furniture

Hot Tub on a deck on a skyscraper in Israel

Hot Tub at end of pool with custom wood decking

Hot Tub with modern swimming pool in Israel

Hot Tub on a deck on a skyscraper it night in Israel

Hot Tub on a deck ,on a roof, with shower head

Hot Tub with waterfalls overlooking a mountain, in the middle east, in Israel


These spas are offered by Coast Spas. For further information contact

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