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Atera AnyTemp® Spas & Swim Spas
Product Review, Information & Photos

Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Guide  |  Pool & Swim Spa Buyer's Guide

AnyTemp® Technology Provides Your Perfect Temperature !

Atera’s patented AnyTemp® System is the first and only to provide a Cold, Cool, Tepid, Warm or Hot aquatic experience, indoors or outdoors, in any climate. Personalized fun, health and wellness can finally be enjoyed at home, 365 days a year, with a water temperature range between 62°F and 104°F.

Daily outdoor hydrotherapy, exercise, training and swimming in perfect temperature water is finally a four season reality and no longer just a seasonal possibility! Even in Phoenix, Arizona, when it’s 110°F with 85% humidity your AnyTemp® Spa and AnyTemp® Swim Spa can be maintained at a cool, refreshing 80°F. Amazing, but true!.

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Entrepreneurs, Inventions and Manufacturing are Vital to America's Future!

We are proud that Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Hot Tubs and Swim Spa have been invented, designed, built with American components, perfected, and continue to be crafted in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The Atera® team believes strongly in adhering to time proven manufacturing processes!

 There’s a vast array of materials and processes used today to manufacture hot tub spas, swim spas and pools. Unfortunately, many companies knowingly use cheap, inferior, imported, poor quality components and many of these components are often not even available when replacement parts are needed. Not Atera AnyTemp® Spas, all components are made in North America!

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Finest Quality American Components Available

First “Lifetime Warranty” Exterior Cabinet Crafted of Milk Bottles? That's right! Recycled milk bottles or High Density Polyethylene is used globally for decks, park benches, swing sets, etc., and proudly used crafting Atera AnyTemp® Spas exclusive Eco-Smart® cabinets.

Cabinet tongue & groove boards are HDPE plastic welded together eliminating backing materials of wood, staples or glue that fail and warp during expansion and contraction from changes in ambient air temperatures and humidity. HDPE is UV Stable, requires no maintenance and provides easy 360° access to your spas plumbing and equipment if necessary. The Light Oak, Dark Gray or Tudor Brown cabinets come with a matching color Comfort Cover® and a lifetime warranty!

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Atera's Choice Water® Treatment System Filters

Our filters purify your water 24 hours per day, so your water is always ready to enjoy! Purified, crystal clear water without Bromine, Chlorine, ozone systems or salt systems means less maintenance! All Natural enzymepurifier is hypoallergenic and is NOT harmful to your body, your spa or your home and garden! Green & Economical, Choice Water® often allows owners to use just one (1) vessel of water for an entire year!

When you drain your Choice Water® you can water your lawn or garden and have no fear about harming your pets. Atera's Choice Water® Treatment will not dry your skin or leave you feeling in need of a shower to remove the chemicals. Your spa water will have no odor other than that of a clean lake or river and your eyes will not sting or become irritated! A much healthier choice for both your body and your spa results in a lifetime jet warranty!

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AnyTemp® Thermos Insulation

Our insulation is unlike any other spa or hot tub and AnyTemp® Spas must perform like a thermos bottle, keeping cold liquid cold and hot liquid hot, outdoors, in the most extreme climates! No other recreation or therapy vessel requires the unique insulating properties of an Atera AnyTemp® Spa! HVAC engineering, and over a year of trial and error, finally resulted in the exclusive AnyTemp® Insulating System.

This exclusive system, included in our patent, provides economical operation in the coldest arctic winters and the hottest desert summers, while always keeping the water your perfect temperature!

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"Cool Inside" Adds Longevity!

 The single largest cause of equipment component failure is extreme heat. The inside of hot tub spa equipment compartments can easily reach temperatures of 180° in the summer, caused by the combination of heat generated by therapy pump motors, heat from ambient air and heat transfer from hot water.

Unlike any other hot tub, AnyTemp® Spas exhausts the heat generated by equipment keeping the inside cool, thereby adding to the life of therapy motors, circulation pump motor, chiller and all other electronic control components.

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Economically Green Built

Recycled resin and saw dust is mixed to create a Solid Support Base Pad under the entire foot well of every hot tub spa. Doing so is one of the reasons we have been able to eliminate the requirement of a concrete pad! This tried and true, for over 25 years, extra process ensures the beautiful Lucite XL Acrylic Shell will give you a lifetime of service without cracking from the stress of water weight and body weight in the foot well.

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Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier is wrapped and attached to the entire frame before the HDPE Cabinet is attached. This radiant barrier reflects 95% of the hot and cold air and the UV rays! 

This same radiant barrier insulation is widely used to insulate attics and walls of the best green built homes.

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Atera AnyTemp® Spas require a top to the thermos bottle. Our Comfort Cover® was developed specifically for insulating both hot and cold water from extreme climates.

Yes, they are different than standard hot tub covers, featuring additional insulation and reflect UV rays Atera's AnyTemp® Comfort Covers® are NOT OPTIONAL and should be closed tightly and locked on every hot tub spa when not in use! Energy efficient operation requires a tightly closed door on the refrigerator!

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Atera AnyTemp® Spas and Swim Spas Help You Maintain Your Health and Reduce the Symptoms of Many Ailments

Exposure to stress has a negative effect on our health. Whether stress comes from the normal day-to-day challenges we all face, chronic pain, a debilitating illness or injury, battling stress is critical to maintaining a healthy, balanced life. Since 2005, patented AnyTemp® Chiller & Heater Spa Systems have become the logical solution for thousands of homeowners, trainers and therapists as part of this healthy, balanced life. The exclusive Cold, Cool, Tepid, Warm and Hot tub spa option provides perfect temperature health, rehabilitation, wellness and recreation, indoors or outdoors, 365 days a year regardless of ambient temperature!

Our client friends achieve daily pain relief, stress relief, improved sleep, increased mobility and quick rehabilitation the natural way, with Full Cycle® Therapy. Enjoy a daily healthy lifestyle with endless swimming, gravity free aerobic exercise and a rejuvenating custom Ultimate Power® Jet massage.

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AnyTemp® Hot Tubs, Spas and Swim Spas Engineered
with numerous Exclusive Features and Benefits

• Perfect temperature water, as prescribed, is often critical for best results
• Increases circulation to all parts of the body
• Increases release of endorphins
• Increases ease of restful sleep
• Increases overall well-being
• Reduces blood pressure
• Reduces muscle and joint pain
• Reduces swelling and joint tenderness
• Reduces toxins in the body
• Reduces muscle tension
• Reduces gravity’s pull on the body
• Reduces daily stress
• Reduces healing times for injuries
• Reduces the symptoms of many conditions
• Hot or Cold, 62° – 104°F, prescribed temperature
• 100% hand crafted in America with quality American components
• Eco-friendly designs, crafted with recycled materials
• Conserves water, reduces energy and maintenance costs
• Eliminates 100% of toxic chemicals on your body and property,
reduces degradation of plastic and rubber components
• Comprehensive Limited Warranty, unprecedented Lifetime Warranties

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Everyone Benefits and Enjoys the Fun!

It’s smart to conserve precious resources and easy to save thousands of dollars by doing business directly with an American Hot Tub Spa and Swim Spa manufacturer. Supporting innovative American family companies provides American jobs and results in unsurpassed quality. Remember quality? We do! So do our client friends!

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We are passionate !

We are passionate about providing a perfect hot, warm, tepid, cool and cold year round aquatic health and wellness experience and we're honored to be of service to thousands of Americans nationwide. Whether you choose an AnyTemp® Spa, Hot Tub, Swim Spa or a Personal Therapy Spa, you'll surely appreciate the thoughtfully designed therapeutic comfort and American quality crafted into every Atera® Spa for many years to come!

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can best enhance your lifestyle with a new Atera AnyTemp® Chiller & Heater or Hot Tub Spa System!  After completing your research, we’re confident Atera AnyTemp® Spas, Hot Tubs & Swim Spas will be your logical choice and you’ll soon be Feeling Water differently.

Our web site will answer most of your questions

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World's Only Atera AnyTemp COLD & HOT Swim Spas

Perfect Outdoors 365, 6 Models Available!

Whether you enjoy walking, exercising, training or swimming, a custom Atera® Swim Spa provides the features you need to meet your skill level requirements. All models feature the exclusive Full Cycle® Therapy System with interchangeable and adjustable Ultimate Power® Therapy Jets and adjustable Ultimate Power® Swim Lane Jets. The optional AnyTemp® Chiller & Heater System is available on all models and provides perfect temperature fun healing water and outdoor swimming 365 days a year in any climate! They’re unlike any other swim spa or swimming pool!

See All The New Atera AnyTemp COLD & HOT Swim Spa Models Here

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Photos provided by Atera AnyTemp Spas & Swim Spas

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