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Catalina Spas Info & Photos

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Why Catalina Spas?

Before you step into your Catalina Spa for the first time, you'll already be thoroughly relaxed. You'll know that every part of its design has been finished to the highest possible standards. That it's been crafted from the finest materials, specially selected for the job. And that our engineers have such confidence in their spas that, as befits a masterpiece, they put their signature on each and every one.

Mahogany is strong and naturally resistant to decay. Mahogany has been prized for centuries for crafting boats and other outdoor products where beauty and strength are required. Our Gazebos are built with premium-grade mahogany from the Philippines. The dense hardwood is grown and harvested in an environmentally responsible way by certified tree farms and other sustainable managed programs. Each Gazebo has a protective finish that allows the natural beauty and coloring of the wood to shine through.

40 Years to perfect the art.

Over the decades we've always listened to what our customers want. As a result we've added in features, enhanced build quality and come up with a number of 'firsts', such as an integral sound system, fibre optic lighting and built in audio-visual system. This has put us at the forefront of spa manufacturing and today Catalina Spas can provide you with the ultimate in comfort and performance.

An investment in peace of mind.

Built with practical yet luxurious materials, such as long-lasting mahogany cabinets, your spa will be a long term investment. What's more, our comprehensive warranty on motors and control systems will let you immerse yourself without a care in the world.

Photos provided by Catalina Spas