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Hot Tub Life Articles

"Do you have a pool too ?"

From the April 1998 Hot Tub Life Newsletter

Do you have a swimming pool too ?  If you own an Inground or Above Ground Swimming Pool, you should give us a call and let us know. We have a lot of additional information that we send to Pool Owners. We are in the process of making up a Pool Life Newsletter, much like Hot Tub Life. It will bring you informative articles about Pool care and maintenance, water chemistry instructions and big discounts on the most popular Swimming Pool Chemicals & Supplies. Either give us a call, send us a fax or an email to get your name on this valuable list.

If you are a Long Island Pool Owner, then we would like to have the chance to service your Swimming Pool as well as your Hot Tub. Thousands of people use us as their local spa service company, but may not be aware that our sister company, Paramount Pools, is a full service Pool Company ! Our Standard Pool Opening Package is only $ 129.95, including chemicals ! They also do Pool Liner Installations, Repairs, Weekly Pool Vacuuming Service, Pumps, Filters and Heaters. Call us at 1-702-437-4343 to set up your appointment