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Bullfrog Spas Product Review, Information & Photos

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Perfection is a fleeting aspiration and a rare accomplishment. Occasionally a product design comes along that is so uniquely matched to its purpose that you must say – this is perfect.

The all new Bullfrog Spa combines the patented JetPak Therapy System, cutting edge engineering, daringly beautiful design, spacious comfort and unmatched quality to give you the world’s only truly personalized spa. Discover how Bullfrog Spas has perfected the personal spa experience.


Wellness is more than just being healthy; it includes staying balanced, relaxed, active and being happy with your life. A Bullfrog Spa, conveniently located in your own backyard, supports this balanced approach to life and wellness. Studies show that regular spa hydrotherapy can help balance your nervous system, relieve muscle tension, reduce insomnia, and help eliminate pain associated with arthritis and other ailments. Bullfrog’s JetPak Therapy System has been designed with the input of health and wellness professionals to provide a variety of precisely targeted JetPak massages, each one addressing a specific wellness need.



Each JetPak is engineered to provide a unique hydro-massage sensation. You are empowered to choose your favorite JetPaks now, interchange them at any time, and upgrade in the future when new JetPaks are released. Bullfrog uses a variety of exclusive jets, each biometrically aligned for a specific massage sensation. You will experience hydrotherapy that is simply not possible in any other spa.

Each JetPak features a dedicated intensity control dial so you are able to choose a light or more intense massage in every JetPak, truly personalized therapy. In addition, the exclusive H2Air™ Manifold is engineered to provide the ideal mixture of air and water, which results in optimal jet performance. Bullfrog has perfected the design of our JetPak Therapy System™ to eliminate all unnecessary plumbing. Water travels a shorter distance from the pumps directly to the jets. You’ll notice better jet performance and incredible energy efficiency.


Bullfrog Spas use less energy than other comparable spa. This saves you thousands of dollars over time. Bullfrog’s JetPak Therapy System with the H2Air Manifold is a patented water delivery system that is completely different from standard spa plumbing. In a conventional spa, plumbing is located on the outside of the shell where heat is easily lost to the outside environment. However, in a Bullfrog Spa, each JetPak is submerged directly in the spa water. Heat from the water inside the H2Air manifold is transferred directly to and from the spa water keeping the entire system warm with less heat lost. In addition, Bullfrog Spas use up to 90% less plumbing than conventional hot tubs.

This ultra-efficient design means that the pumps in your Bullfrog Spa use much less energy, while providing more powerful massages. The pipeless design of the JetPak Therapy System allows for more insulating polyurethane foam. This foam helps your Bullfrog Spa maintain a higher R-Value than other spas. A premium insulated spa cover further locks in the heat, helping your Bullfrog Spa to stay warm with less energy. When you purchase a Bullfrog Spa, you can relax knowing you’ve chosen the most energy efficient spa with the absolute lowest cost of operation.


Wood-Free EnduraFrame™

The 100% wood-free EnduraFrame support struc┬Čture is the most durable and precisely engineered spa frame being made today.

The EnduraFrame is composed of composite materials that are impervious to moisture, while conventional hot tubs still use wood or metal frames that rot, warp, or corrode. Your Bullfrog Spa is built to last.


JetPak Therapy System - Bullfrog’s water delivery system is located directly behind the seat backs, submerged within the warm spa water. Because it is in direct contact and is not exposed, heat is transferred directly between the H2Air Manifold and the spa water and is not lost to the outside like other hot tubs.
Performance Through Technology

The plumbing, used in all other spas, is inefficient, expensive, and unreliable. Bullfrog’s exclusive H2Air Manifold is one simple self-contained seat-back unit. The result is 90% less plumbing, greater efficiency, and optimal performance.


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