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How do you know when you need a new spa cover?

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The first sign is that rain water will accumulate on the top of the cover.  This happens as the foam inserts start to sag.  Also, you may notice that the cover is getting heavier.  This is because the foam core has absorbed water.
As the center of the cover starts to sag in, you will notice that the corners will lift up.  This causes a lot of heat loss.  You will be wasting energy dollars if you do not replace the cover soon.

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Next you may see that the cover appears "bowed" when folded over on itself.  This is because the foam inserts are so warped.  Each time you open the cover, you will stress the stitching at the center fold.  This will eventually cause the vinyl to rip. Notice that Moose, the hot tub dog, also thinks that it is time to get a new cover.  Unfortunately he likes to sit on it.
Finally, the cover will get so heavy (from water absorption), that it will become unmanageable.  The zippers will split and a lot of the stitching will start to come apart.  Oh well, it did it's job for a number of years and it is time to get a new one.

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