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Press Release - September 1, 2002

New Auction Site Comes to

"We like to respond to consumer requests" says’s creative developer Chris Carter. "We have been receiving numerous emails each week asking if we knew of an auction web site that specialized in used pool or spa stuff. We researched this market pretty well and could find one, except, of course, Ebay".

Armed with this information, Chris started the development project of adding an all pool and spa auction site to "The project started in September of 2001 and we were not happy with the technology that was available at that point" he said. After numerous revisions and consumer testing, the new Ebay-like auction site should be open for business by September 1. 

"At first, the auctions will be free of charge to buyers & sellers. After the site gains momentum in a year or so, we will probably go to a fee structure similar to Ebay" Chris reports.