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Loop Loc Cover Styles - Comparison Chart

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Loop Loc makes basically three styles of pool covers.  All three have their advantages and disadvantages.
 Read the Comparison Chart below to compare features to see which cover is right for you.

Features Loop Loc Mesh Cover Ultra-Loc Cover w/ Drain Panels Ultra-Loc Cover w/ No Drain Panels
Cover Material All panels 100% mesh Solid material with one or two "invisible" mesh drain panels Solid material with no mesh drain panels
Attaches to decking Springs in Anchors Springs in Anchors Springs in Anchors
Where cover water goes Into the pool Into the pool Pumped off with included pool cover pump
How cover sits on pool Totally taught Pretty much taught May sag slightly
How pool water opens up Clear to Slightly Green Clear to slightly green Clear to Cloudy
Cost of cover Low Medium High
Warranty 15 year 15 year 15 year
Safety Certification UL & ASTM Certified UL & ASTM Certified UL & ASTM Certified
Can you walk on cover ? Yes but not recommended Yes but not recommended Yes but not recommended

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