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PoolTux Ultra Premium InGround Winter Pool Cover
25 Year Warranty


PoolTux Ultra Premium Heavy Duty InGround Winter Pool Cover


Our covers are made to last using triple laminated polyethylene and heat sealed seams for added strength and durability. Covers are sewn with commercial grade thread for maximum strength with no rust aluminum grommets and material water tube loops on in ground covers. Our woven polyethylene core has heavy duty ultraviolet inhibitors for lasting protection against sun degradation.

PoolTux covers are made with the tightest scrim in the industry. The scrim is the weave tightness in the underlying thread construction. The higher the scrim number, the better the quality of the winter pool cover. If you want the best, buy a cover that's been tested year after year and proven to stand up to the harshest winters. They are built to withstand the elements and our no hassle warranty is there to stand behind it. Nobody protects more pools.


Our top of the line cover has a commercial grade 14 x 14 scrim count and has the heaviest coating in the industry. The cover is bound on the edges with commercial grade material and thread. We are so confident in the quality of the cover, we gave it and industry leading 25 year warranty. This cover will be the last cover you ever need to buy.

Covers are Brown on Top/Black on Bottom
Covers do not come with water tubes



Sewn-in polypropylene cord for added reinforcement
Non-rusting 1" Aluminum Grommets on each corner
25 year Pro-Rated Warranty (3 years Full) !
Heat Sealed Seams
Triple laminated polyethylene
2" x 12" water tube loops every four feet
Brown on Top/Black on Bottom
PoolTux covers are woven strong/long-lasting polyethylene tapes to produce a cover that will hold up to winters worst.

PoolTux covers are constructed of an extremely tight weave fabric that does not allow light to pass through. Without sunlight, algae cannot grow!


We do not skimp on fabric ! Most Inground pool covers only have a skimpy 4-ft overlap which can cause problems.  POOLTUX COVERS use an extra foot of material—another reason why they are a great value! A 5-ft. overlap provides a better fit, especially on pools with extra wide coping. This extra fabric also takes up some of the slack during windy weather, helping to prevent excessive wear and tear.



We do not skimp on quality. POOLTUX COVERS use a special polyethylene HEAVY DUTY WINTER GRADE blended material that WILL HOLD UP to harsh winter weather conditions.  These covers are not flimsy and WILL NOT split, rip or fall apart under most extreme winter conditions !

 Please note - Covers do not come with water tubes

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Please note:  All sizes listed below are "Pool Size". When choosing a pool cover, order the cover that is the size of your pool. All covers come 5 feet larger for water tube placement. For example, if you have a 16' x 32' pool, you should order the 16' x 32' cover and it will actually be 21' x 37'.  The extra fabric makes the cover fit better and will help prevent excessive wear and tear.



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