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Delzone MCD50 High Output Hot Tub Spa Ozonator



Keep spa water as sanitary as possible with a powerful Ozonator from Delzone. This unit automatically sanitizes spa water by generating Ozone gas. Ozone is 3000 times more powerful than Bromine ! Greatly reduces the amount of sanitizer you need to use in your spa. Installs in minutes. Keeps spa water smelling fresh.

DELZONE MCD50 High Output Corona Discharge (CD) Ozonator

No need to replace the entire Ozonator, Just replace the Cell.

DELZONE MCD50 High Output Corona Discharge Ozonator is for Spas up to 1,500 gallons with moderate to heavy bather loads

Plumbs into all ozone-ready spas or the spa return line; injects ozone through Venturi when
spa circulation system operates. Easily replaces any type of Ozonator.

This Unit includes:
MCD50 High Output Ozonator w/ AMP Cord
Ozone Supply Tubing
Ozone Supply Check Valve
Mounting Screws
Installation Manual with Water Chemistry Guide

For Maximum Sanitization, We recommend "Renewing" your Delzone MCD50 Ozonator every 18-24 months with the "Cell Renewal kit"

Cell Renewal Kit Includes:
1- New Ozone Cell
1- Ozone tubing
1- Check valve

Unit Size:
6.1"W x 8.6"H x 2.8"D
Ozone output: 50 mg/hr.

Cabinet: Molded plastic enclosure

Ozone Quick facts:

Safe for mammals and marine life, ozone is used in zoos and aquariums.

Ozone has been purifying bottled water since 1982.

Since 1984, all Olympic Games competition pools have been sanitized with ozone.

In 2001, the FDA allowed the use of ozone as a direct food additive and ozone can safely be used on food equipment surfaces during the manufacture of food products.

In the pool and spa industry, ozone has been used for more than 65 years, as its the most powerful oxidizer that can be safely used in a swimming pool or spa.

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