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How to measure your Above Ground Pool for a liner replacement


Measuring your Above Ground Pool for a new liner is a simple process.
There are generally a few things you need to know so you order the correct liner.

Round Pools

On a Round pool, simply get a measuring tape and take 2 measurements. Go from the inside of the pool at the bottom of the wall and measure directly across to the other side at the same height. Do this in two locations in the pool and make sure you get the same measurement. We like to measure at the bottom of the wall in case the wall is not plumb from side to side. The wall at the bottom track location is your safest bet.

Oval Pools

On an Oval pool you do the same thing as a round except that you do it in the middle of the pool from side to side and at the ends at the longest point from end to end. All measurements are from inside the pool touching the wall at the base.

Measuring the Depth of the pool

The depth of the pool can range from 48" to 54" deep. Most liners are either 48", 52" or 54" Deep. Manufacturers also make provisions for the dirt, sand wedge, or pool cove that is needed at the base perimeter inside the pool. If your pool has water in it measure out at least 2 ft. from the sidewall with a measuring tape to the point at the top of the wall or where the liner is attached. Bear in mind that most round liners are made to be flat bottom and not a deeper middle. If your pool has a deeper area you will need a special expandable liner. Do not buy one of the liners we have listed. They are not expandable liners.

Liner Types

Overlap Liners

Some liners are what we call overlap. This type is the most common and simply folds over the corrugated metal wall and drapes down on the outside of the wall. The liner is held in place by plastic coping strips. You may wish to replace these if your old ones are brittle and dry.

Beaded Liners

Beaded liners have a thick-formed extrusion at the top that hooks into a female receptor (Bead Receiver) around the top of the pool wall on the waterside. Most pools can utilize the standard bead that is common in the industry. Call us if you feel you need more assistance. Incidentally, you can change your overlap liner to accept a beaded liner by simply adding bead receiver strips to the order. This way, if you need to change the liner in the future, you do not have to remove the top seats of the pool. This is a real timesaver and is much easier to reinstall.

J-Hook Liners

J-Hook-V-Bead are liner types that have a thicker open flap top that inserts over the corrugated metal wall. It looks likes the plastic coping we use to hold an overlap liner over the metal wall except that, in this case, it is attached to the top of the liner. If you are using an overlap liner and your pool is a flat-bottom, you can use the V-Hook or the J-Hook type liner.

Uni-Bead Liners

Unibead liners are quickly becoming the most popular type of liner because it is a combination of the Beaded and the J-Hook Liner. You can use this type of liner either way. Poolandspa.com does not sell Beaded and J-hook Liners. We sell the Unibead liner. We recommend using it as a J-Hook. This way, you do not have to purchase any additional items to install the liner. Simply hang the liner onto your pool wall with the embedded J-Hook on the back of the liner. There are some situations where you may want to use it as a Beaded liner. In this case you will need to purchase the correct amount of "Bead Receivers."


If you have an Overlap liner you can change it to a Unibead liner, No Problem. You do not have to get another overlap liner. Just purchase a Unibead liner and Hang it from your pool wall.


This information is intended to answer many questions you may have regarding the type and size liner you may need. Poolandspa.com cannot be held responsible if you purchase the wrong size, shape, depth, or type of liner. The best way to make sure you are getting the right liner is to give us a call at 1-800-876-7647 and we can help determine which liner is best for you.


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