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Dyno3 Ozonator - For Hot Tub or Spa - Water Purification - Ozone - Pioneer H20

Keep spa water as sanitary as possible with a powerful Ozonator from Prozone. This unit automatically sanitizes spa water by generating Ozone gas. Ozone is 3000 times more powerful than Bromine ! Installs in minutes. Keeps spa water smelling fresh.

Unit is 16" Long and 2.5" Diameter


Item Retail Price Quantity
CORONATUBE - Replacement Ozone Bulb, UV/Corona Tube, Used On DYNO3OZONE - CORONATUBE $52.29 $31.31
Dyno3ozone - Dyno3 Ozonator, UV/Corona Tube, 120/240V, 50/60hz, w/4 Pin AMP Cord - Pioneer H20 - Dyno3ozone $149.99 $89.99

Poolandspa.com > StoreHot Tub Spa Products > Ozonators

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