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Spazazz Spa Scents - RX Therapy - Granular


Achy? Soothe & comfort sore muscles in our Hot'N Icy Blend. Just Add Jets ~ Stretch & Relax & Allow the healing process to begin!

Feel the healing power. Eliminate & cleanse built up toxins with our special Detox Blend. Just add jets ~ Purify your system from the outside in!

Pain or stiffness in your joints? Feel sore? Our therapeutic blend of all natural botanicals will help to reduce inflammation and sooth painful joints, while boosting better circulation.

Congested? Clear your head & breathe easy with our purifying Upper Repiratory Blend. Just Add Jets ~ Relax, Open Up, & Let the healing begin.


Item Retail Price Quantity
SZ604 - Spazazz RX Therapy - Detox - SZ604 $28.99 $15.99
SZ603 - Spazazz RX Therapy - Respiratory - SZ603 $28.99 $15.99
SZ602 - Spazazz RX Therapy - Joint - SZ602 $28.99 $15.99
SZ601 - Spazazz RX Therapy - Muscle - SZ601 $28.99 $15.99


Poolandspa.com > Store > Hot Tub Spa Products > Spa Scents

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