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Pool Alarm - POOL EYE Pool Alarm for Inground Swimming Pools


Install a state of the art pool alarm this season & rest assured that your kids & pets will be safe. Designed and tested by one of the industry’s pioneer pool alarm companies, SmartPool®, Pooleye includes these great features:Works on in-ground or above-ground pools up to 800 ft2

Super sensitive action will catch an object weighing more than 15 lbs.
Sounds an 85+ db alarm at the pool and at the remote receiver up to 100 ft from pool
Advanced immersion technology that reads surface & subsurface waves, protects against unauthorized pool entry.
Sophisticated program analyzes disturbances and sounds an alarm only in the appropriate circumstances- avoids false alarms
Magnetic key for turning the unit on & off is easy to use
Automatically resets itself within 3 minutes of rearming
Easy to install with deck mounting bracket and remote receiver
Low battery indicator, avoids a ‘dead’ alarm.
1-YR Warranty – battery not included.
Certified to ASTMF2208

Warning: Pool Alarms are NOT a substitute for diligent child supervision or for suitable pool barriers. All children should be carefully watched by a responsible adult when in and around swimming pools.

We are sorry but this product is currently not available.

Poolandspa.com > Store > Swimming Pool Products > Swimming Pool Alarms

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