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The DELZONE TRIOPURE combines the POWER OF OZONE with the stability of SALT CHLORINE...Providing ADVANCED OXIDATION.

The DEL Ozone TrioPureTM sanitation system revolutionizes the swimming pool industry by combining two proven technologies, salt chlorine & ozone, into one powerful swimming pool sanitizing system. This unique synergistic combination of technologies provides additional benefits to you, the pool homeowner, compared to other systems:

  • Increased Water Quality

  • Low Maintenance

  • Inexpensive Salt Cell Replacement Cost

  • 24-hr Automatic Operation

    Why the "TRIOPURE" is the best sanitizing system for you swimming pool

  • Creates healthy & clear pool water by integrating Salt & Ozone sanitation into one system

    Ozone kills all known bacteria & viruses that chlorine alone cannot (i.e., Cryptosporidium, Giardia)

    Chlorine levels are reduced to 0.5 ppm

    Proprietary self-cleaning salt cell design (with advanced oxidation) allows for longer duration between cleanings

    Lowest salt cell replacement costs

    Quality & Reliability count. Our Ozone generators are installed in over 1,000,000 pools & spas worldwide and into commercial locations like the Beijing Aquarium, Walt Disney World and the San Diego Zoo

    The TrioPureTM is priced similar to other salt systems but you get both technologies for the price of one

    Available in 25,000 gallon and 50,000 gallon models


We are sorry but this product is currently not available.

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