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Sta-Rite System 3 Modular Media "SM" Series Cartridges



Sta-Rite System 3 Modular Media "SM" Series Cartridges

Now, Sta-Rite is proud to expand on the proven Posi-Flo cartridge design, and bring you the product that makes Ultra Capacity Filtration a reality. Sta-Rite's advanced technology has brought an entirely new class of filtration to the industry. Sta-Rite's Modular Media concept incorporates the latest in media science, perfectly balanced flow, and an integral manifold design to bring you Ultra Capacity Filtration. This filtration concept puts totally care free operation within your reach.

Dirt loading capacities in excess of 50 times more than sand filters in equivalent sized tanks!
2 concentrically placed balanced flow modules. Dirt loading is totally uniform, using all the media for effective filtration before cleaning is required.
Modular elements integrally molded ports use o-ring design for positive seal over lower manifold assembly. This design assures positive sealing throughout the life of the filter in all pressure, loading and heat situations.
Combination of tank and module design allows for rinse-in-place operation. Tank top is removed in seconds, and Modular Media can be cleaned with ease.
Patented Posi-Lok tank closure system makes rapid, safe and reliable tank access a reality. No other pressure vessel has better access to the internal working components.
Tank construction is of Dura-Glas, the proven material of choice for all water and climate extremes. Indoor or outdoor, cold or hot, no material in the industry has a longer track record of absolutely superior durability in pressure applications.
Sleek lines, low profile and black silhouette make System:3 filters the easiest to work with for all landscaping design.
2" full flow bulkhead fittings provided with union adapters for standard plumbing connections.
Operating labels are placed in clear view. Clear and concise, they display recorded start up data for handy reference.
O-Ring seals and hand tightened fittings have replaced gaskets and thread sealants at all bulkhead, drain and gauge port locations.
Top port allows for in-tank chemical treatment of media. Bushing and o-ring design helps prevent tank damage.
Tank base is integrally molded. Incorporates leveling pads and mounting holes to facilitate all installations.
Dramatically oversized drains are oriented for both side and bottom access. O-ring sealing plugs may be used as is or adapted for all piping and valve applications.

The innovative Modular Media version of System 3 filtration. System 3 filtration is unsurpassed in innovative and functional design. Perfectly matched to Sta-Rite pumps in performance and dependability, these top-of-the-line filters are truly redefining how pool and spa water is processed.



Item Retail Price Quantity
250210200S - 100SQF SMALL INNER CARTRIDGE - S7M120 - 25021-0200S - 250210200S $315.09 $198.99
250220201S - 200SQF LARGE OUTER CARTRIDGE - S7M120 - 25022-0201S - 250220201S $525.65 $379.99
250210224S - 209SQF SMALL INNER CARTRIDGE - S8M500 - 25021-0224S - 250210224S $528.13 $379.99
250220225S - 291SQF LARGE OUTER CARTRIDGE - S8M500 - 25022-0225S - 250220225S $720.16 $439.99
S7M120 - 300 Sq. Ft. System 3 Filter - S7M120 $1,741.72 $1,159.99
S8M500 - 500 Sq. Ft. System 3 Filter - S8M500 $2,256.64 $1,589.99

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