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LiquiPlus Electronic Water Softener / Descaler (E.W.D.)






The LiquiPlus E.W.D. residential unit designed for pipes up to 1-inch diameter. It has all the effectiveness and of our larger, proven industrial units while being inexpensive and easy to install.


1. Provides your water with soft water characteristics without the addition of salt or chemicals.
2. Prevents buildup of any hard scale deposits.
3. Helps break down and flush out existing scale deposits.
4. Saves money on energy costs for your water heater .
5. Reduces soap scum and increases soap lather.
6. Water feels silkier and soap rinses easier leaving you feeling squeaky clean.
7. Reduces harsh affects of hard water on skin and clothing.
8. Reduces water spots on dishes and fixtures.
9. Saves septic systems or tile bed from the damaging effects of the brine (backwash) from water softeners.
10. Helps control algae & bacteria: Limescale inside pipes and tubing provides a breeding ground for bio-growth. Because limescale is prevented and removed by the LiquiPlus E.W.D., bio-growth will be significantly reduced.
11. Do not need a separate water line for drinking water. Water may taste better when it is cleared of mineral deposits and biological growth. **
12. Works hand-in-hand with iron filters, ozone systems, and UV systems helping to keep these systems free of hard scale deposits and working properly so that they last longer.
13. Works great in tandem with water softeners, reducing the amount of salt and backwashing required by the system. Less strain on the softeners can reduce maintenance, extend the life expectancy and improve the efficiency of the system.
14. Provides an environmentally friendly alternative to water softeners and phosphates.
15. Runs on 110 volt AC and only uses pennies a day in electricity.

** The LiquiPlus Electronic Water Descaler is not a filtration system and it is recommended depending on the quality of your water that you use a water filter for your drinking water. Your local water specialist has the ability to test your water quality and provide you with the correct system for your requirements.



Item Retail Price Quantity
HM-100X - LIQUIPLUS WATER SOFTNER - HM-100X $1,097.80 $548.90

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