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Automatic Pool Vacuum - Dolphin 3001 W/Caddy Robotic Commercial Pool Cleaner - Maytronics


Dolphin 3001 Robotic Commercial Pool Cleaner W/Caddy


This rugged high-tech wall climbing Dolphin™ filters approximately 80 gallons of water per minute and effectively scrubs, cleans and filters up to 4,233 gallons per hour. This robotic unit has its own filtration system and will clean any commercial pool up to 80 ft. in length. With its advanced robotic scanning and 6-hour cycle time, the 3001 will maneuver around ladders, drains, and stairs and shut itself off automatically once the pool is spotlessly clean.

Dolphin™ 3001 is lightweight (only 22 lbs.) so it is easy to use and move around. Plus, it comes complete with its own caddy for easy storage and transportation.

The Dolphin™ 3001 has 91 feet of cord and its own filtration system so it will never clog up your pool's pump and filter. Patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling. The unit is completely safe and operates on 24 volts at a cost of pennies per day. The 3001 is backed by a 18-Month Warranty* and is self diagnosing, making trouble-shooting a snap. 3001’s digital power supply features a weekly timer option and full bag indicator. Invest in this reliable robotic automatic cleaner and enjoy a spotlessly clean pool this season.

► Dolphin robotic cleaners run on low voltage electricity and independent
of the other pool equipment, allowing for the cost savings of a lower
speed pump and/or the elimination of the need for a booster pump for
pool vacs.

► The more total household power that is used by the consumer, the more they
pay per kilowatt hour. Reducing pool power used can significantly lower the
overall cost of electricity for the consumer well beyond the savings on the pool
pump alone.

► PG&E has tested Dolphins and determined that they are the most
electrically efficient cleaner available, using only 160 watts of electricity
at a cost of less than 5 cents per hour.

Water & Chemicals

► Conventional suction side vacuums send debris to the pool filter, requiring
routine and thorough filter cleaning. Flushing of sand or D.E. wastes water
and washes obnoxious chemicals into the environment. Even the cleaning of
a cartridge filter is arduous, time consuming and wastes water.

► The Dolphin robot captures scrubbed and vacuumed debris in its own
bag and super filters the pool water while cleaning the pool surfaces
thoroughly. The filter bag is easily and quickly dumped and rinsed
when full.

► Most pools have dead spots, corners, benches and steps where the water and
therefore the chemicals do not circulate well. Algae may begin to root and
grow without routine brushing.

► The Dolphin’s smart diagnostic cleaning patterns help to circulate the
water to all parts of the pool increasing the efficiency of the chemicals.
Its scrubbing action prevents algae from rooting and greatly reduces the
need for regular brushing in most pools.




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