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Swimming Pool Ozonators - Del Ozone Eclipse Series

Del Ozone Eclipse Series Swimming Pool Ozonators

The Eclipse Series Next Generation Corona Discharge systems provide the cleanest, clearest water for your pool, with a significant reduction in chlorine use. Featuring DEL’s exclusive Advanced Plasma Gap technology, the newly engineered design is now equipped with Auto Voltage Sensing. Improve your pool water quality and clarity with a DEL Ozone system.

• Improved water quality and clarity
• Reduced chlorine use and consumption
• Kills up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisims
• Minimized operating and maintenance cost
• Less wear and tear on pool equipment
• No unpleasant chemical odors
• Will not irritate eyes, dry out skin or fade swimwear
• Eliminates oils, lotions and other contaminants
• High ozone output, low energy cost
• No Air Dryer required



Don't Forget the Installation Kit


Injector Manifold Kit (Must Have)


DEL Ozone is the dominant supplier of ozone sanitation products to the residential pool and hot tub / spa markets. DEL systems simplify sanitation for owners of spa and pools, while ensuring effective health and safety for their families. The greatly improved spa or pool water is a terrific bonus! All systems are vacuum operated for safety and efficiency.


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