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Burst Swimming Pool Shock - Dichlor

Burst - Dichlor, Blue Wave


Blue Wave Shock Treatments are powerful 1 lb. bags and are your secret to a successful season! Swimmers, rainfall, sunlight, and leaves deplete chlorine’s ability to sanitize your pool. Shock “burns” or oxidizes these contaminates and replenishes the chlorine level in your pool. Shocking actually restores your chlorine’s “fighting power” and makes it safe to swim again.

Did you know that too much chlorine does not cause those noxious odors, skin irritations, and eye-burning problems? In fact, there is not enough chlorine to oxidize the organic matter.

Blue Wave shock is the only solution!!

For a trouble-free season remember to shock:

  • Once every other week under normal conditions
  • Once a week during prolonged periods of warm weather, heavy rainfall, and heavy bather loads


  •  Zaps organic pollutants, bacteria, and algae!
  •  Quick-dissolving, no pre-mixing required
  •  pH-neutral
  •  Dichlor (56% available chlorine)
  •  Super strong – 1 lb. treats 12,000 gallons!

Item Retail Price Quantity
NY405 - Chlor-Burst (Dichlor) 6 x 1 lb bag - UPC - 672875100101 - NY405 $89.99 $42.99
NY408 - Chlor-Burst (Dichlor) 12 x 1 lb bag - UPC - 672875100118 - NY408 $179.98 $85.98
NY410 - Chlor-Burst (Dichlor) 24 x 1lb bag - UPC - 672875100125 - NY410 $339.99 $171.96


Poolandspa.com > Store > Swimming Pool Products > Chemicals 

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