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Thermal Blanket For Hot Tubs - 8' x 8' Bubble Style

Thermal Spa Blanket

Hot Tub Spa Thermal Blanket

One of our most popular items!

Save money on energy bills with a Thermal Blanket for your spa.

8' x 8' Blanket floats on water underneath regular spa cover to cap heat in.

A must for outdoor spas in the winter. Great for indoor spas too!


"Hot Tub Thermal Blankets Save You Money !" With the increased price of oil and the ridiculously high electric rates we pay, anything that you can do to reduce your household energy consumption is important. Since wintertime use of a hot tub tends to increase your energy bills, it is imperative that you create the most energy efficient and insulated environment for your hot tub water.

One of the best ( and least expensive ) ways to do this is with the use of a hot tub "Thermal Blanket". Basically, the concept is this...a floating plastic blanket is cut to the exact shape of your hot tub water surface. This blanket is filled with thousands of tiny air sacks which allow it to float on the water surface underneath your regular hard thermal cover. When you use the two covers in conjunction with each other, they provide the maximum degree of heat retention possible in a hot tub. The hard cover keeps the cold air out, and the Thermal Blanket keeps the heat in the water !

Thermal Blankets are an absolute MUST for hot tubs being used outside in the winter, but should also be used on indoor hot tubs as well. You will most likely see a good reduction in your water's heat loss over a 24 hour cycle period and will surely see your hot tub's winter energy costs go way down !

Use all year round for maximum heat retention and money savings.


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