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MaryKate Spray Away - Cleaner/Degreaser

MaryKate Spray Away 

MaryKate Spray Away - Degreaser

If you've never tried Spray Away cleaner, you are really missing out on something great ! It is absolutely the BEST way to clean your spa or spa cover. Will not harm water chemistry. Also a great household cleaner. A favorite of many Maid and House cleaning services. Very, very powerful  Makes cleaning easy !

Spray Away is The Best Spray Cleaner

If you ever watch cable TV, it is hard to avoid those program length infomercials for cleaning products. These cleaners claim to do everything except make dinner for you ! We recently tested most of these products for use both around the house and specifically for use as hot tub spa cleaners. While some of them do work as they claim, the cost of these TV cleaners is simply astronomical - most costing between $ 19.95 and $ 29.95 ! That is just crazy if all you want to do is clean out your spa between fillings.

We have always sold a product called Spray Away for cleaning acrylic spas. This product was originally marketed as a boat and marine cleaner, but was quickly picked up by the hot tub industry as a super non-soap based spa cleaner. After watching so many of those cable TV cleaner infomercials, we decided to try Spray Away on things other than boats or spas. We tested it against many common supermarket cleaners as well as a few TV type cleaners. The results were surprising !

Spray Away successfully cleaned items much better than Glass Plus, Fantastic, Formula 409, Comet, Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Basin, Tub & Tile Cleaner, Citrus Miracle, Didi Seven, Mr. Clean and Easy Clean. We found Spray Away to be especially good in the bathroom on floor and wall tile, the basin and the bathtub. It also works very well on laminated kitchen counters and is an excellent "no-wax" vinyl floor cleaner and wax stripper.

It cleaned our test stove much better than any other cleaner and also worked exceptionally well removing a number of stains on carpets and clothing - without harming the fabric. It even cleans off all the dirt and scuff marks on sneakers.

To us, the best use of Spray Away was on a car. We were all surprised at this. Although it is not recommended to use as a car cleaner soap, it is the best product we have found to remove all the road grime and brake pad dust from car tire rims ! We went to an auto supply store and purchased all of the available products that said they cleaned tire rims. Spray Away beat them all, hands down. After you apply Spay Away, you can literally watch the dirt and grime loosen and start to run off. Very little scrubbing was needed ! And because Spray Away is a chemical degreaser and not a soap product, it contains no phosphates that can be bad for the environment and it is biodegradable.

As far as cleaning hot tub spa acrylic shells, nothing makes the job easier than Spray Away. Once drained, you can simply spray it on the tub, let it sit for a minute, wipe off any scum or stains that are left and Rinse the tub. The main benefit to using it with spas is that it does not contain any soaps. We often hear from customers that they get soap bubbles or foam in their spa water after cleaning the shell with Glass Plus or Fantastic - type cleaners. This WILL NOT happen with Spray Away. After cleaning the shell with Spray Away and rinsing it, you can refill the spa right away - or if you want a really shinny surface, you can wax the spa after cleaning it. This will give you a "showroom shine". It also works great on vinyl spa covers.

The best feature of Spray Away is the price - not $29.95 or $19.95, but only $12.95 per 32oz spray bottle. Because it is so strong and you need so little to clean up even the biggest mess, one bottle lasts a long time.

If you really hate cleaning your spa, car, boat, kitchen floor, bathtub, basin or sinks, then you should try a bottle of Spray Away today. We guarantee that you will be satisfied. As a matter of fact, we have many maid and housecleaning companies that buy it from us by the case. Even a few hotels and motels. Professional cleaning people everywhere give it two thumbs up !



Item Retail Price Quantity
MK2832 - Spray Away Cleaner - 32oz - MK2832 $22.99 $12.95


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