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Reliant Sand Filter with Top Mount Multiport Valve - For Above Ground & Inground Pools


Reliant top mount sand filter
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Reliant® top mount sand filters have high performance, superior filtering capacity, and built to last.  It include a 7- position, easy operation.

Body of top mount sand filter is made of HDPE plastic material for durabilty and long service life. Tested factory set pressure is 350kpa. Top diffuser well guarantees uniform water distribution on the sand bed. Nominal size of the internal piping is 1.5 inches (50mm diameter) or 2 inches to provide smooth, free-flowing performance. Flange clamp allows 360 degree rotation for easy installation. Bottom drain plug for easy winterization and maintenance.

7-position Valve Functions
BACKWASH - For cleaning the deposited debris in the sand bed.
RINSE - After completing backwash cycle, the dirty water will be rinsed out of the filter.
WASTE -  Water can be recirculated via the valve and the bypass filter.
RECIRCULATE -  Water is recirculated through the valve, by-passing the filter.
CLOSED -  It can halt the water flow from the pump to filter.
FIILTER -For normal filtering and regular vacuuming.
WINTER - For winterizing.

*Sand Not Included


Item Retail Price Quantity
RLS119T - RELIANT 19in SAND FILTER W/ TOP VALVE - RLS119T - OUT OF STOCK $429.99 $309.99
RLS116T - RELIANT 16in SAND FILTER W/ TOP VALVE - RLS116T $499.99 $339.99
RLS124T - RELIANT 24in SAND FILTER W/ TOP VALVE - RLS124T $599.99 $399.99

Poolandspa.com > Store > Swimming Pool Products > Equipment, Pumps, Filters, etc.

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