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  Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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The Vertical Pool
Information & Photos

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Aquatic Therapy Pools, Rehab at Home, Hydrotherapy, Traction, Exercise

Limited mobility, chronic pain, confined to wheelchair or bed?
Whether by creation or evolution we humans benefit healthfully by getting vertical part of each day, particularly when exercising, for improved circulation, respiration, organ function, spinal alignment.

Experience the power of possibility erect and proud in your own back yard, basement, garage, or inside your home. Think of it as your own private, convenient, heated, filtered, sanitized "bath water". You can stand and move vertically, float and kick horizontally, or just sit to relax in the temperature that's right for you. Exercise, traction, rehabilitation, improved quality of life.

The Vertical Pool...

...is efficient in energy, water, and space.
The design allows exercise, traction,
and rehab in vertical, horizontal, and
seated positions. 3' of pool depth in-
ground and 3' above ground.
Water depth of 5' 7"
A pool for rent, lease, or purchase !


Portable Pool

Comprised of light-weight parts, easily moved into or through buildings, this pool can be installed in difficult-to-access sites, down or up stairs, garages, and even on hillsides. Total dry weight of all parts and components is 800 lbs for transport in one pickup truck. For international transport and delivery the pool crated is 4'x6'x7', or about 168 cubic feet.

Build-anywhere Pool

Construct indoors in rooms as small as 10' by 12'. The pool is 9' 4" long, 6' 2" wide. and 6' deep (5' 7" water depth). Add 2' 8" in length for the entry steps to make a 12' overall length. Allow additional 4' along one side if using a Hoyer type lift for access.

Dog Therapy Pool

If the pooch can't go for a walk, due to trauma or physical restriction, then take him for a swim .... and it's great for weight reduction as well.
One of our units are are the New Beginnings Therapy Center, Waimanalo, Hawaii.



Enabled Access Pool

A Hoyer or Smartlift can raise patients from wheel chair or bed and lower them onto the seat in the pool, accessible from either side. The extended "feet" of the lift slip into cavities under the seats and steps.


Instant therapy .... just add water!

The people for whom this device was created are often intimidated by the water power of swim-against jets.
This is a passive device, without a forced current, focused on the needs of a pool for elderly, bariatric, disabled, amputee, physically challenged, as well as those incontinent for the benefits of healing in water.

The user can dictate the intensity of the workout with weights, paddles, and other resistance tools.
The Vertical Pool is for all who desire the benefits of aquatic exercise and buoyancy in the privacy and convenience of the home with family, away from public scrutiny and the bacterial issues of shared water.



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