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Top 10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Advertising On
By Jeff Baxter,
December 2010

Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Shoppers And Buyers Are Out There - Make sure you are tapping into them correctly

Here are some helpful tips about getting the most out of your marketing plan. Following the 10 simple tips below will greatly improve your response rate from your placements throughout our web site, as well as helping your overall sales.

This year, we have had over 10M+ visits to our web site. Our Poolandspa.TV YouTube videos have had over 1M+ views so far. Over 58,000 people used our online form to request more information about pools and spas. We had over 275,000 visitors to our Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Guide page and over 175,000 visitors to our Swimming Pool & Swim Spa Buyer's Guide page.

Here are links to the two most popular Buyer's Guide Pages to check your placements:

Swimming Pool & Swim Spa Buyer's Guide:

Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Guide:

Make sure you are tapping into this market properly ! People are shopping for pools, spas and backyard products - no matter what the TV news is telling you. The housing market is starting to rebound somewhat, the stock market is up, and interest rates are still very low. Many foreclosed houses are being purchased nationwide for a fraction of their value, and many of these people have indicated their interest in adding a pool or spa to their new home as well. Many of our advertisers are reporting that although business is slower than last year, there are shoppers out there looking for good deals.

Here are the tips for you to get the most out of your online ads:

1- Make sure you follow up the leads that we send you each week. You do not have to send out a $5.00 packet of info to everyone, but a simple flyer or postcard is normally sufficient to see if the lead has interest in your product or service. You would be surprised to know how few people actually take the time to follow up their leads.

2- Make sure you display the new, licensed Best Of Class logos on your web site and all your literature. In a recent nationwide survey of pool & spa buyers, over 65% of them indicated that they did recognize the Best Of Class logo and said that it did make a difference to them when selecting a pool or spa. Here is a link to the new, authorized Best Of Class logos - //

3- Make use of your Best Of Class Award if you received one this year. Make sure that you forward the Press Release we issued to any of your dealers and have them send the Press Release to their local newspapers, etc. to give you some more free publicity across the country.

4- Review the ads that you having running on our web site. The better ads definitely see click-thru rates double or triple to those ads that are, let's just say, not as good. Web ads need a "call-to-action" and have to be eye catching. There is a lot of competition for the attention of a viewer on any individual page on our web site - so make sure your ad gets noticed. Featuring low teaser-rate type pricing in a web ad, or a 'special offer' is normally very successful. Also, make sure we have any special Coupons you may have for your product or service. Here is a link to our Coupon page - //

5- Send us your New Press Releases about any new company new or product news you may have. We recently re-designed our News (Press Release) section of our web site and are looking for any current Releases you may have. A lot of people do read them, believe it or not ! Here is a link to the Press Release section - //

6- Send us your YouTube video links ! People LOVE to watch online product videos. Make sure we have links to your current videos on our Poolandspa.TV web page. Here is a link to the main Channel Guide page - //

7- From your web site, deep link to your Details Page and your Certified Builder & Manufacturer's pages on our web site. This allows consumers to see a 'third-party' opinion of your products or services. You can get to your Details page and Certification page right from our Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Spa Buyer's Guide pages. As an example, here is a link to the Coast Spas certification page to see what we are talking about - //

8- Check our Online Forums to see what people are saying about your product or services. This is also a great place to get hot leads, because many of the people talking on the Forum Message Boards are in the final stages of shopping and are ready to buy a pool or spa right away. Here is a link to the Forums page - //

9- For Spa Manufacturers, make sure that the information on our Hot Tub Spa Manufacturers Comparison chart is up to date. Here is a link to that page - //

10- Take a look at your own web site home page, and if different, also the landing page that people get when they click one of your ads from our web site. Make sure that it is very clear and easy for a consumer to fill out a form and request more information about your product or service. Consumers do not want to have to 'hunt around' to find out where they can request more information or a brochure packet or even purchase right online. Make sure the Best Of Class logo is on your landing page as well.

Following these 10 handy tips will drastically improve your response rate from our web site, which will turn into more sales for your company !

Feel free to email us with any additional questions you may have

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