Clearance Specials On Parts For Pools And Hot Tubs

 Clearance Specials On Parts For Pools And Hot Tubs
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Last Chance To Get 2019 Prices Before The 2020 Price Increase

Warehouse Clearance For Pool And Hot Tub Parts And Supplies -
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This Week's Most Popular Parts Categories

Pumps & Parts

Hot Tub Pumps And Motors

From $129

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Save $10.00 On Orders Over $125. Use Coupon Code SPRING10 At Checkout

Pool Lights And Parts

From $139

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Save $5.00 On Orders Over $100. Use Coupon Code 5OFF At Checkout

Air Blowers & Accessories

Hot Tub Air Blowers

From $129

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Save $10.00 On Orders Over $125. Use Coupon Code SPRING10 At Checkout

Control Systems & Top Sides

Control Boxes And Equipment Packs

From $419

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Auto. Chemical Feeder Parts

Pool Chlorinators

From $84

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Filter Cartridges

Cartridge Filters For Pools And Hot Tubs

From $19

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Hayward TriStar Pool Pump

Swimming Pool Pumps And Motors

From $189

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Hot Tub Switches And Relays

From $18

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Jets & Jet Parts

Hot Tub Jets And Parts

From $8

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Pentair FNS Plus DE Pool Filter

Pool Filter Parts

From $5

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Stock Up And Save $5.00 On Orders Over $100. Use Coupon Code 5OFF At Checkout

Time Clocks

Pool Timers

From $37

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Ozonators and Parts

Hot Tub Ozonators And Parts

From $89

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This Week's Most Popular How-To Article

Hayward Multiport Valve -


The Basics Of Pool And Spa Plumbing
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To understand the basic plumbing system of a pool or spa, you must follow the path of the water. The water from the pool or spa, not both at the same time, enters the equipment system through a main drain on the floor, through a surface skimmer, or through a combination of both main drain and skimmer.

It travels to a three-port valve (if there is no spa, there will be no such valve) and into the pump, which is driven by the attached motor. From the pump, the water travels through a filter, then to the heater, and back through three-port valves to the pool or spa return lines.

The purpose of the skimmer, as the name implies, is to pull water into the system from the surface with a skimming action, pulling in leaves, oil, and dirt before they can sink to the bottom of the pool, there by providing a conveniently located suction line for vacuuming the pool. Most skimmers today are molded, one-piece plastic units. Older pools have built-in-place concrete skimmers. Some pools have more than one skimmer.

Most skimmers are built into the deck, and are accessed through a cover on top (the cover will be plastic or concrete) or by reaching into the skimmer through the opening that faces the pool itself. Some, as with portable or above ground pools, are separate units that hang...

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