St. Patrick's Day Specials On Pool And Hot Tub Supplies

St. Patrick's Day Specials On Pool And Hot Tub Supplies

St. Patrick's Sale On All Pool & Hot Tub Supplies At
See below for complete details.

*See below for complete details on this Week's Specials

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This week's online Coupon Codes can be used for hot tub covers, chemicals, parts and supplies! Coupons valid thru 03/19/2019.

Winter Pool Cover Deals -
Sick and tired of buying a new pool cover every year? Then try an Arctic Armor Winter Cover for your Swimming Pool - From $51.95

Leisure Time Chemicals
We carry the full line of Leisure Time Spa Chemicals to keep your hot tub crystal clear - From $6.99

Chlorine Tabs And Pool Chemicals -

Hockey Puck Chlorine Tablets make your pool crystal clear and sanitary. We also carry Shock, Algaecide, Water Clarifiers and more - Pool Chemicals From $11.95

Loop Loc Pool Covers -
Loop Loc Pool Covers are simply the best! They look great and last for a long time. Also, no more dreaded cover pumping! All shapes and sizes available - From $795.

Hot Tub Parts -

We have an extensive selection of Hot Tub And Spa replacement parts for most makes and models - Parts From $5.99

Hot Tub Covers -

We have Prestige Deluxe Hot Tub Covers, Floating Thermal Covers, Cover Lifters and a complete line of Cover Accessories - Hard Thermal Covers From $349.

Hot Tub Chemical Kits -

Our selection of Hot Tub Chemical Kits come complete with everything you need to keep your hot tub water fresh and clear -  From $59.95

Eco One Spa Chemicals
Eco One Spa Chemicals are so easy to use and keep your hot tub water crystal clear with no musty odor - From $13.99

This Week's Featured How-To DIY Article

How To Open A Hot Tub For The Season
Five Star Article

Realize that most damage that occurs to hot tub spas is caused by improper winterization. When it comes time to open up your spa in the Spring, this is when these problems will become evident. While it is strongly recommended to have a pool or spa professional close your spa, many homeowners do successfully tackle the job of spa opening themselves. It is much less risky! These instructions assume that your spa has been closed either professionally, or by you - following the proper winterization procedure.

Hot Tub Spa Opening Instructions - First, remove the winter spa cover (or tarp) that is covering your hard thermal spa cover. Remove the air pillow (if any) and deflate it. For inground spas, remove and drain any water tubes as well. Clean and fold and store away. If you do not store your winter cover indoors, and you keep it outside or in a shed, then you do not have to worry about getting the cover particularly spotlessly clean. If you do keep it in the garage or basement, you may want to clean it to a greater extent.

Remove the hard thermal cover. Then take a look inside the spa. Does everything seem OK? Some water or dirt can be expected. Hopefully, it is not half full of water. If it is, then put your submersible spa draining pump into the tub and pump out all the remaining water. Inspect the shell for cracks or splits. If there was water in the tub over the winter - and it froze - there is a chance that it could have caused serious damage to the spa shell. If you do notice any cracks or splits in the spa shell, we suggest contacting a local spa professional to check it out for you before you go any further. Remove any rubber plugs that may have been installed in...


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