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Above Ground Pool Liners - Aquarium - Overlap Style - Round and Oval

Picture is for reference only. Actual Colors may vary from Liner to Liner


Please Note; 

Due to the Covid-19 crisis Liner stock is very low.

We urge you to give us a call to check stock before ordering any liner

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The Aquarium Overlap Liner
Overlap Liners:
You can see part of the liner overlapping on the outside of the pool wall.

The Aquarium Liner brings the ocean to your backyard. Give your swimmers the illusion of swimming through a tropical reef surrounded by exotic fish and colorful coral.

This liner is economically priced and carries a 20 year warranty backed by GLI. This liner is made from 100% Virgin Vinyl and contains highest grade UV inhibitors for maximum weatherability and resistance to sunlight, bacteria, fungus, chemicals and cold crack.

Our Signature Collection Above Ground overlap Liners will fit most 48", 52", or 54" pool. And installation is as easy as 1,2,3. After your have your pool floor complete and your wall assembled, place your liner into the pool, drape the excess over the wall, place your coping strips over the liner to secure it to your wall, and then just place your top seat to finish the process.


20 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Made from durable 25 Gauge virgin vinyl.
Tough, long-lasting 1/2" lap seams.
Perma-sealed with state of the art equipment.
Fits most 48", 52", 54" pools (Will NOT fit Doughboy Pools)
Contains highest grade UV inhibitors for maximum weatherability and resistance to sunlight, bacteria, fungus, chemicals, and cold crack.

Don't forget the "Liner Coping Strips" to hold the liner to the wall.

On Liners over $150.00

There are no returns allowed on liners once they are unpacked and removed from their original box.  Make sure you measure your pool carefully before ordering! You will not be able to return your purchase. 

 Note: None of these Above Ground Liners will fit Doughboy Swimming pools.

Item Retail Price Quantity
GLI0008-9880808 - 8ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0008-9880808 - OUT OF STOCK $344.66 $172.33
GLI0012-9881212 - 12ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0012-9881212 - OUT OF STOCK $374.64 $187.32
GLI0015-9881515 - 15ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0015-9881515 - OUT OF STOCK $451.90 $225.95
GLI0016-9881616 - 16ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0016-9881616 $482.70 $241.35
GLI1218-9880218 - 12ft x 18ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1218-9880218 $535.80 $267.90
GLI0018-9881818 - 18ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0018-9881818 $659.46 $329.73
GLI1527-9880527 - 15ft x 27ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1527-9880527 $750.90 $375.45
GLI1533-9880533 - 15ft x 33ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1533-9880533 $822.34 $411.17
GLI1530-9880530 - 15ft x 30ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1530-9880530 $1,022.26 $511.13
GLI1224-9880224 - 12ft x 24ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1224-9880224 $875.23 $536.95
GLI2141-9880141 - 21ft x 41ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI2141-9880141 $1,152.84 $576.42
GLI1221-9880221 - 12ft x 21ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1221-9880221 $1,021.39 $626.62
GLI0024-9882424 - 24ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0024-9882424 - OUT OF STOCK $1,086.40 $666.50
GLI0027-9882727 - 27ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0027-9882727 $1,301.46 $798.44
GLI0028-9882828 - 28ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0028-9882828 $1,326.36 $813.72
GLI1833-9880833 - 18ft x 33ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1833-9880833 $1,373.18 $842.44
GLI1632-9880632 - 16ft x 32ft Oval Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI1632-9880632 $1,378.30 $845.58
GLI0030-9883030 - 30ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0030-9883030 $1,450.18 $889.68
GLI0033-9883333 - 33ft Round Aquarium Overlap Liner - GLI0033-9883333 $1,614.16 $990.28

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